20 February 2010


CNY was like what everyone would say- Boring. Plus, I was having fever and headache. It was so hot and noisy at both my paternal and maternal grandma's house. So I played games lots of games from my iTouch till the battery went flat. Oh and I ate a lot sigh. That was the first 2 days of CNY.

Met friends on CNY day 3. Met early to write letters and decorate the board for Ruri and then we met her at different time at different place. So that we will not make it so obvious that we met earlier, I thought the 'act' was quite fake but Ruri didn't realise. Ruri is in Australia now :( All the best there and don't forget us! We miss you!

I'm currently busy with work, piano, music theory exam that is coming up and doing portfolio (Its making me go crazy!) Yesterday this lady from China came and made me super pissed. I was the only Chinese staff there so I'm the only one who can communicate with her cause she don't know English at all. She don't understand our promotion and still want to gey kiang. I could really feel my blood boiling and honestly speaking, I was swearing at her when she starts to talk tsk.

04 February 2010

That typical ilk

Last night at 11 pm, I was in my dad's car and both of us witnessed an accident. The car crashed into another car and that car spinned twice and hit the lamp post. I stared unflinchingly at the scene. Stunned. And then I said "omg". My heart palpitated twice the original speed. I'm not sure how's the driver now but I hope there's no cost of life.

I'm going to cut my hair tmr. Cut what style? I don't know actually. I'm just going to sit there and let the hairdresser cut anyway he/she likes.

Today when I'm in the car with my dad, he farted... I almost die of suffocation and toxic.

Its not even a week since I got my pay, I'm already broke. I'm the best.