30 August 2012


I love minimalistic accessories. Apart from the fact that it reflects my personal style, it is extremely versatile and timeless. I got these accessories from various stores, even in the most unexpected places for accessories. My love for minimalism will continue for a very long time, and every piece is definitely worth keeping.

27 August 2012


Top Cotton On
Skirt Vintage Issey Miyake
Satchel Egg3
Accessories Thescarletroom/ Maple

Lazy wear on a lazy day, on top of a lazy wearer. This navy vintage Issey Miyake skirt is worthy of being labelled a "treasure" which I found from my recent buy. I've been coughing non stop since the previous time I was ill, I visited the doctor again today but I'm now down with an internal infection though I may look fine on the outside. Will need to prioritise work and rest in order to have a speedy recovery!

23 August 2012


I've been slightly caught up with school this week, not that I have that much of assignments but I was still in midst of tuning myself back to a student's life. Will still try to bring my camera out, if not my iPhone, to snap outfits or other snippets. NYFW is approaching soon, in 3 weeks time - Excited all over again to see what's coming up for Spring Summer 2013!

14 August 2012


I visited the exhibition Hermes: The Gift of Time which was held at the old Tanjong Pagar Railway station with a few classmates after school. It was nothing on fashion but the heritage, art and the moment of time of Herm├Ęs. It started off as a harness workshop making horse saddles and accessories for it (hence the logo of a horse) and is now a high fashion house well known for its quality leather goods and silk scarves. I enjoyed myself even though the exhibition was short, I found out more on this classic house as a fashion student.

12 August 2012


Chronological visual update on my short getaway with my family on Singapore's 47th National Day to a goat farm in Kluang, Malaysia.

My all-time favourite sunglass - Ray Ban Wayfarer / A date with the goats / Writing wishes, lighting up the floating light / Sunrise / Sun soaking by the farm / Beautiful lavenders across the field.

11 August 2012


The making of this clutch started with spring cleaning of my room. I found a zip and fabric from my previous DIY shopping. The next thing that happened was doing a quick sketch, doing some measurement and off I went sewing that night. I've to admit that this clutch isn't exactly practical as I've used a soft and stretchy fabric, once I store something inside it stretches and becomes very flimsy; it doesn't "stand". Might be doing a few changes to improve the usage of the clutch over the week but it will stay more or less like that on the outside.

08 August 2012


Some belated photographs at the backstage of this year's Singapore Audi Fashion Festival held at Orchard Tent in May. I volunteered as a backstage dresser for Raoul and got to watch Future Fashion Now from the backstage. It was an eye opener as I saw how a fashion show runs behind the runway and a moment for me to feel like a dwarf amongst the models. Raoul presented an A/W collection of 60s mod, I quite like the minimalistic 60s silhouette. I saw models doing their grooming and practising their walk backstage for hours and within minutes the show is done. This was how my experience as a dresser for AFF went, quite unforgettable!

07 August 2012


sweater Dad's from H&M
skirt The Scarletroom
cuff H&M
clutch Hong Kong

Borrowing my Dad's sweater because he doesn't wear it often, claiming that its only suitable during Fall. Such a pity seeing it lying in his wardrobe and since I can endure the heat better than him after my frequent "training" in wearing double/triple layers or knits in humid Singapore, I took his sweater out to wear. Despite the fact that the sleeves are too long for my arm (because its for men hence the patch design is located below my elbow) and I do still feel the heat in it, its really comfy in it. These are shot by my dad!

P.S, updated new items, help my out here.

04 August 2012


During the past few days of recuperation:
I drank gallons of water in my moustache cup and watched films by timeless icons. Made my own healthier meal without oil or salt (honest fact - scramble egg is the only thing I can cook apart from instant noodles). Finally getting all the sleep I want while snugging in and out of my cardigan as my body temperature fluctuates. Reading Influence again, it never gets old. Side note - the John Galliano dress worn by MK is gorgeous.

01 August 2012


shirt Runway Bandits
shorts H&M
bag Bershka

A casual outfit for my inaugural visit to the newly open Garden By The Bay. The place looked nicely built but I felt how it is all so man made put together in the context of nature rather odd. The ever humid weather here in Singapore makes dressing up a little lazier for me. Anyway, I'm starting school in less than a week..mixed feelings!