28 September 2014


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This space is slowly and seemingly dying, I apologise on my unintended hiatus here. Well, work had been really busy and tiring, but fret not, I won't go on ranting about it.

Less than a week ago, I have officially graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Media and Industries. It's somehow hard to fully take that fact in because I still feel so young to be a graduate, and friends around my age around me are still in uni. But I know for sure, I wouldn't have made it thus far without God and my loved ones.

I may have started working in the industry but I am still unsure of my future career pathways. I love fashion, but I am also sick of it – tired of it's never ending, rapid changing trends, enticing the concept of materialism, all that glitz and glamour. I may not be doing fashion for a living in the future, but I don't know what else I would see myself doing. You know that sort of dilemma at such point in your life...not sure where or what you're headed to. That thought scares me, but at the same time I'm reminded that I never walk alone because God has great plans for me in his time, my parents and N will be ever supportive, that I know and I shouldn't be worried over temporal issues. Life's indeed full of challenges, but also daily opportunity to trust God and learn.

02 September 2014


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NOON-NOM – The name of this highly instagram-ed art installation at this year's Singapore Night Festival. It was a room filled with what seemed like pastel pau (chinese buns) or if you think in the wrong way...it might look otherwise. Being at the night festival for the first time, I felt it was quite an exposure and it also enhances Singapore's art and night scene. But I'm personally not a fan of the crowd, human jam and noise though.

On another note, it's been 4 weeks into working life. I have not gotten use to working 9-6 (++). I'm particularly missing the slow morning, sleeping in, flexible schedule and the freedom to go wherever I'd like to. I think I sound quite whiney when it comes to talking about my work life, but many times failed to see it as a blessing and a humble beginning. Well, I'm still learning and always will. For now, I look forward to sleeping in this Saturday and anticipate for my vacation next month! #cantwait

Happy September!

Photos by N.