20 March 2016



The last I visited this site was was back in 2010, the last tour to visit the the Old Supreme Court before it closed for a facelift. Fast forward 5 years, I got to visit the new National Gallery Singapore in its opening week last November to appreciate architecture and a bit of Asian art.

Truth be told, I was concerned if this gallery will turn out to be just like any other typical modern building but I'm glad it wasn't, so heritage won't be lost even when urbanisation or modernity is prevalent. I've always had a penchant for an old-new architecture and interior, and the National Gallery is beautifully revamped and curated with both components. The quietness within the natural light filled space makes it a conducive place to slow down and appreciate its architectural beauty.

National Gallery Singapore is complimentary for all Singaporeans, so do visit if you haven't and there's great restaurants like Odette, Aura, Yan and Violet Oon's that are worth the visit! x

12 March 2016


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Photo 10-3-16, 8 54 23 PM

Finding time for myself has been a real struggle for the last several months. Sometimes I'm not even sure if it is my bad time management or I'm really that busy, which makes me so tired everyday, slack off on exercising and procrastinating so badly; that I can't seem to schedule in some quiet time to spend with God and for myself.

It seems almost impossible in Singapore, or maybe Asia in general, to slow down where work takes precedence over almost everything else. While the Europeans or Australians somehow get the memo of slow living; enjoying every quality moment. Today, I finally found time – staying home on a Saturday to catch up on the things I've put off for a while, and just sharing some things from the last couple of weeks: Chalkfarm red velvet cupcake, Uniqlo x Lemaire seersucker blouse, Miss Dior blooming bouquet fragrance, succulents, Vulture issue 15 and a cuppa warm green tea.

Have a lovely weekend! x

05 March 2016


Photo 3-3-16, 6 33 36 PM Photo 3-3-16, 6 36 04 PM Photo 4-3-16, 1 44 35 PM Photo 4-3-16, 3 56 14 PM Photo 3-3-16, 6 42 54 PM Photo 4-3-16, 7 12 53 AM Photo 4-3-16, 7 31 20 AM Photo 4-3-16, 3 58 03 PM Photo 4-3-16, 7 11 56 AMPhoto 4-3-16, 1 43 33 PM Photo 4-3-16, 7 29 42 AM

Let Miss Dior Bloom – A Dior Parfums exhibition on the iconic Miss Dior fragrance. Miss Dior Cherie Blooming Bouquet has been my favourite scent ever since I first discovered it. It carries a sweet floral scent that isn't too harsh on the nose, yet lingers on and I'm very glad to be part of the exhibition in some small ways because of where I work at.

Here are some sneaks, but if you love fragrance or Dior in general, you should head down to visit the exhibition and also visit the newly open duplex Dior Couture ION boutique, that is adorned with many beautiful art pieces and fashion products of course.

Let Miss Dior Bloom Exhibition: Happening now till March 8, at ION Atrium Level 1
Dior Couture ION Boutique: ION Level 2