27 February 2011

Shall leave all of you with some photobooth images (again).

Haha look like some old french film.

Gonna continue to work on my essay, dread doing it :( well well, must quickly get done with it then I can start on my 2D, 3D and drawings projects! So excited doing them, really fun actually hehe.

17 February 2011


Who's your hero?

Hero from Joey Low on Vimeo.

In this short film I did for my school's Moving Images and Sound workshop, a Chicken saves the kidnapped Barbie through many obstacles. The video is done in stop motion, a series of photographs put together within a short time frame to create a video. Its quite a tedious process but I'm happy with the outcome though I feel the lightings and clarity of the photographs could be better. Any comments on my video?

13 February 2011


I look a lot like my classmate Celeste here omg. Must show her this pic tmr! Just that her face isn't as round as mine.

My mom hated this pic haha cause her head is huge here.

Some pictures on the way to church this morning.

Time to head back to work zone xx.

12 February 2011

non wearable and wearable


Credits: afterdrk and other relevant sites

Bas Kosters recent show. I love the whole outfits, its like the "funner" version of McQueen. Playing a lot with colours, shapes and patterns. Its not wearable on daily basis for me of course but I still like it. Its as fun as Lanvin <3 H&M's collection but crazier. I'm going to use these few images with the beak as reference for my final project.

Credits: Poisepolish

Celine's recent show. I love this as well, extremely different from Bas Koster's design but this shows another side of how we can play with clothes. Classic, edgy and comfy. Which is something I will wear. I like the colour, camel. Comparing to Bas Koster's, Celine uses only 2 shades of camel with 2 different materials for this dress but itsso gorgeous. This is what I call effortlessly chic.

My flu isn't leaving me anytime soon... My nose runs like a tap and its really annoying. Adding to that, I lost part of my voice. I hope I recover soon. I really really need to.

06 February 2011

I made her smile cause she don't smile when taking photos. So cute right? I loooove my grandma :)

A few more photos from cny day 1. Don't have much photos on the other days cause I look... I feel its because of my hairrrr :< I don't know, I've been having a bad hair day. I look weird with my hair tied or untied. Not sure is it cause of the weather or because I still prefer my longer hair or other reasons.

My relatives kept asking why I brought my work to do during cny. Well, you think I want to? I wouldn't even bother if I didn't have that much work. But honestly, my progress these few days hasn't been good. Quite disappointed. So I'll have to rush them this week with new work that will be piling in. All right, going to continue with work now!

4 more weeks to assessment.

03 February 2011

year of rabbit

Some photos of today's first day of chinese new year at my grandma's house. I was doing my work, and the twins (one girl one boy) came telling me that they were scared of dogs cause one of my cousin brought his dog.

And the girl cried, so to entertainment them, I made them take pictures on photobooth and read them stories, carry them haha. Very tiring lor though its just few hours.

And after they got better, their skin got thicker. I asked the boy "your name is Aaron Low right?", he said "No, I am handsome boy" and the girl added "and I am sweety girl". Haha so cute :) More visiting and work to do tomorrow. Yeah I brought my work out to do.