29 March 2014


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I've never been a flower kind of lady or even have green fingers to plant anything, though I love the nature. Flowers become a love-hate relationship to a certain extent – they are truly beautiful and somehow each type of flower can tell a story but are indeed so ephemeral; withering so quickly.

I cannot comprehend the commercial business of flowers with the tremendous hike in price on Valentine's Day, (I realised this post should have been written last month) it is to me a day light robbery, all in the name of 'love and romance'. I honestly think men should spend that amount of money to buy something more practical or attempt something handmade for their partners, if gifts are that necessary.

On this note, I'm thankful N never got me flowers, neither does he buy me gifts frequently nor buy me superfluous gifts, but instead he saves the money for better use, which I completely support. Well, this is my first time purchasing flowers for myself, or rather I did so with the intent to photograph them for my magazine (final year project) to which I also took the opportunity to write a little bit on this post about commercialism. 

flowers from a local wet market

18 March 2014



I have finally submitted my graduating thesis yesterday, which had been quite an arduous journey getting down to research, gather readings and then write it, and as a result, my absence on this space for the past 2 weeks. Now that thesis is over, I am working on a one man's task to curate and create a whole magazine, film, website and branding within a rather short span of time. The lack of updates on this space might prolong, but I'll be back soon with more and better content! x

P.S: Missing the cool weather in HK.
marks & spencer black sweater, h&m mens scarf, thrifted white blazer, dr. martens, zara bag

05 March 2014


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It has been almost a week since I have been back from Hong Kong, and I miss it already. Indeed, time flies when you're having fun. Less than 2 months till I complete my degree studies, the time of the semester when workload is immense. I won't be that consistent updating in this space for now, but I will likely be a lot more active on instagram – @jojoeylow.