29 October 2012


insta3i. Egg my mom boiled on my birthday  ii. Italian steak  iii. Surprise from a group of closest friends I grew up with

iv. Last month at PARCO Next Next, AW11 by local designers  v. Prepping for essay  vi. Never ending amount of assignments wait to strike off

vii. Taking a break by the sea  viii. Avocado  ix. STYLE for tonight's read

23 October 2012


My friends often label me as "The girl who loves black and white" and its true. Some might say its boring but I believe some will agree with me that it is extremely chic and timeless, (it never gets old, as the saying goes on forever) suitable for someone like me whom doesn't like conforming to trends. Not that I don't owe colours in my wardrobe and I do love colours. This birthday, I've received black and white card, pouch and stationeries. More black!

21 October 2012


I've turned 19 yesterday on October 20th. I took the first half an hour of my birthday reflecting the past 19 years of my life and saw how amazing God led me through my life in all circumstances. God has showered his blessings so abundantly and given me a loving family and encouraging group of friends. I enjoyed the meals I had with my love ones, surprises and fellowship with my church friends whom I grew up with my whole life. I'm contented and truly blessed.

17 October 2012


(01) An old-school nostalgic snack shop
(02) First time trying macarons
(03) Singaporean traditional breakfast before church
(04) Got my hair done at work back when I worked at Zalora.
(05) On my mom's birthday
(06) Yuzu Kukicha
(07) I love simple rings like that
(08) Got to read these in class

Visuals on Instagram, jojoeylow

10 October 2012


(i) Leaves
(ii) Past few weeks on style.com looking through the SS13 collection
(iii) Some visuals on my wall
(iv) On a roof top

10 more days to my birthday and today marks the great fall of my iPhone. Never thought it would end up in that state but it has earned itself cracks covering a quarter area of my phone. At the very least, I'm glad it still works well despite the disturbing lines all over. Lesson learnt, the hard way.

03 October 2012


(i)  Artificial flowers in my parents' bedroom;
(ii) Cereals for breakfast

School assignments are snowballing and I'm yearning for a break or at least a 10-hours sleep. Right now my week consists of various shoots, InDesign, writing, doing up my journals, research, music...But I'm thankful I am able to survive each day productively.