15 June 2015

IN MID 2015

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We're in the middle of 2015.

I had no idea how fast time flew by until I started working. Routine lifestyle makes everyday pass by in a blink. Days turned into weeks and turned into a year without us realising and voila it's "Happy New Year!" before you know it.

I had the opportunity to take a breather off work the past 2 weeks with a day off to spend with N at Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum and catch Rachael Yamagata live at Esplanade, a day getaway on a public holiday and 3D2N at Batam for a church retreat a few days ago, which ended with me sick. But it is great to be out of the office once in a while.

For the rest of 2015, I hope I can pace myself better and also feel less uncertain about the "what ifs..." and "what's next?" in life. #trustGOD