29 October 2011

taking over

Topshop top, Modparade shirt, H&M shorts, Desigual bag

School has been really busy and stressful as usual..2 more weeks, just 2 more weeks but I've a lot more to do. Sewing, ink transfer, silkscreen, street style photography, figure drawings, magazine layouts, business report, presentation, research... My eye bag is getting thicker and darker.

23 October 2011

your little gestures

I was just thinking of something to blog and realised I've got nothing much to blog about because school has been really busy but I thought I could as usual, share on this blog the little random things I took in the past few weeks.

1. Some fashion illustrations which I was pretty attracted too at Raffles City.
2. This $200 top made of silk which felt so good on my skin and I absolutely love the collar details. And cause its $200 I didn't buy it..
3. I've been having this nude drawing lesson of a life model for the past 3 weeks. This was one of the blind drawing I had to do. I love blind drawing because its the only time when my drawings can look ugly and abstract without getting bad comments from my lecturer.
4. Some of the fashion history books I borrowed from NLB for my essay. And honestly, writing essays are such torture. Save me....
5. Dinner over at Blue Mountain while catching up with my foundation studies classmates. Really miss working with them. Everyone had gone to different paths in design.
6. This really cute cat sleeping soundly at the bus stop.
7. My A3 size birthday card from my classmates, this accidentally spelled "again" as "adain" lol.
8. 5-course Thai dinner with Cai Yan, ate till our tummy almost burst. Thank you for the dinner!
9. A mini mango belated birthday cake from my church cell group.

21 October 2011

18th birthday

Yesterday I turned 18 and I want to thank my family and all the friends who has wished me in any ways you did, for the gifts and cards. I feel very blessed! Though going to school took up half the day up, I had a nice dinner with my family at Bumbu, its thai-indonesian cuisine. The pasta in the first picture is from 15 minutes which I had for lunch. I personally feel that it tastes pretty normal. I was wearing a red wine dress from lucydacyd and Dr Martens. Once again, thank you all for the wishes, every wishes sent made my day xx

14 October 2011

over the week

Visuals over the week. Have a great weekend as I go through a tough and busy one as usual and a mini birthday celebration with my family this Thursday as I turn 18, xx.

11 October 2011

dull layer

Its a busy week this week in school and everyday I'm rushing my work and trying to catch up on some sleep which explains the pale and dull facial complexion in these pictures. I feel like I'm aging physically, possibly cause I'm turning a year older in several days.. I'm wearing Topshop dress, Mom's drape vest, Calvin Klein blazer, Bysi belt, Forever 21 bag and Doc Martens.

07 October 2011

new snaps

Snaps from my new camera. I got the 18-55mm lens and 50-250mm lens where I can zoom to quite a far distance. The second image is a building that's pretty far away from my house which I shot with that lens. This lens allows me to be a budding paparazzi somehow. These few days has been quite tiring, can never get enough sleep. School's draining me...I need a holiday soon. Can't wait for another 5 weeks or so till the end of the first semester.

A shot with some of my classmates as we walked from Lasalle to Takashimaya for a textiles field trip. And the image I shot my friend who took the group photo with my previous camera.

03 October 2011

heart warming

H&M block top, American Apparel pants, Vintage shoes, Casio watch

A simple Sunday I spent with family. Church in the morning and then met my family to celebrate my Granduncle's birthday at Raffles Country Club. Lots of food, playing with my 8 months old nephew and seeing him pull my hair in all directions, karaoke, birthday songs, indulging in Tiramisu, talking to my partially drunk uncle who asked if "I'm happy" and funny thing is that he has a dog named happy... So I'm not quite sure what he is really asking me lol. Speaking of birthdays, my 18th birthday is approaching in a few weeks time and its just 3 weeks before assessment. My birthday always falls before exams/assessments ever since I was 7.

01 October 2011



Ph by Sarah and I

Talking about our secondary school moments and laughing over good food in a beautiful interior with Sarah and Graceilia. I hope I can meet more of my secondary school friends more, its been a really long time since I met and talk to them. Everyone's busy and when one of us is free, some others aren't #hopetomeetthemsoon