29 August 2013


Bag from Hong Kong / Macbook Pro 13" / iPod Nano / Muji waterbottle / chargers for laptop and iPhone / little pouch from The Gift of Time Hermes to keep my chargers / DIY wallet and notebook / Pen from local stationeries store / Pencil from Muji

So what's inside my bag today? Today is just a normal day out to school. In fact, I'm typing this now as I wait for class to start (and multitasking in designing packaging for a project that is to due soon). I bring essential things I need for the day than to bring the unnecessaries. I don't feel I'll be wearing my Ray Bans today, so I left it at home. I have had pain in the ass body moments when I have to lug a bag weighing a ton around, and that's not fun at all. So now I learnt to spare a few minutes considering carefully what's essential to pack out for the day, whilst not lacking what I need.

25 August 2013


01  Liu Sa Pao (Chinese salted egg bun) which tastes heavenly but so high in calorie.
02  I'm not a very watch person but I've got a new watch in rose gold which my dad got years back but never wore it so he passed them to me!
03  Oddly shaped pancakes breakfast with anti-oxidants.
04  What you can do while waiting for the bus.

It dawned upon me that my photos on Instagram from 4 weeks ago were just these. There are more uploaded actually but they're selections I've taken from the blog, and these are shot with the iphone. After 3 months not getting the Monday Blues, I'm starting to feel a pang of it on a Sunday night as I am reminded of a long Monday at school. To make the blue feeling go "deeper", this is just the beginning to another 12 more weeks to go.

21 August 2013



Feist Phospene blouse / Asos linen skirt / DIY lunchbag clutch / Dr. Martens shoes

While I just begun to immerse myself in the rat-race of school, yet again. I'm looking forward to my December getaways around neighbouring countries (counting down to 4 months time). Which leads me to a shopping ban right now, unless it is exclusively found in Singapore. But first, I will have to face a vicious cycle of projects, presentations, proposal reports, research and so on...you know the drill.

This was an outfit I don on +65's National Day, prior to that in the noon I had a buffet spread, so pardon my tummy.

17 August 2013


Sometimes I wonder why I like to DIY. Failure happened too many times prior to my recent DIYs. Even the ones you're seeing now, they may look nice on the outside, what's within it is...hmm not so. It's not terribly bad but just not well done. Albeit the failure or ugliness, I still enjoy making things.

Doing things yourself are (personally I feel with observation) for the ones with crafty fingers and mind, the time, not lazy, willing to keep trying, never mind the imperfections. I tend to notice that wealthier people are less keen in making their own things, cause they probably have the financial capabilities to just buy it than to spend time getting materials and making them. But I'm not saying wealthier ones can't join in the DIY bandwagon. While some just hate crafts or sewing to death.

Now I learnt to plan and sketch my ideas before I start lest failures or any undesired results, which really helped me in the process a lot. And documenting the process is a nice way to archive your works when you look back at them in the future.

I have yet to answer why I like to DIY. On almost every posts related to it, I'll mention about that sense of accomplishment – "Woah, I made this! Can't believe it." That excites me. I'll find references to follow, but the fun part of it is to tweak details to what you prefer, like cooking. And your end result will be different from what everyone else already had. I don't really like getting what others already had (exceptions to my New Balance, I don't know how to make shoes). My favourite so far is the Celine-esque trio. Initially I wanted 3 rectangle pouches to make it, but I found trapezium and the gold chain instead and thought its interesting and unique compared to the normal. Of course DIYs means the quality and workmanship varies from the actual store products, but I don't mind that for the cheap thrills and fun in exchange. Like my cooking documentaries on Instagram (#makanwithjoey), I name it #joeydoesdiy.

Having said that, there are things you can't really do on my own, unless you're really good with sewing and drafting skills. For me I can't make shoes or bigger bags etc. I'm actually looking into investing in a long lasting good quality bag for long term use but haven't start any savings on it yet. We shall see how, maybe plans for next year. Till then, just DIY!

13 August 2013


Feist Phosphene blouse / Asos linen skirt / DIY lunchbag clutch / hardware ring

After my seemingly successful but apparently failed DIY of a wrap skirt (seen in this post and now turned into my current wallet), I've figured I should purchase a properly sewn skirt instead, while realising I seem to be better at DIY-ing non apparels. School has officially started, still getting the engine started a little too late cause I'm already bombarded by project briefings, lectures and now to consider thoroughly on a crucial decision – that is what topic I should venture on for my final year thesis, which will be my "lover" for a year and eventually give birth to a 6000 word essay.

11 August 2013


Ring from Hardware store / Pure silver bangle with my mandarin name engraved on the inside, from Yunnan

You know you've put on weight when you see your double chin appearing. I am not surprised by that, as a matter of fact because I've had four buffets in a month. In addition, I admit I haven't ran since a month ago. Some hopes in motivation, I just received a new pair of comfy running tights which will partly facilitate my 5-6km run better.

Fitness aside, my dad greeted me with a look of displease upon seeing this hardware ring I wore. Honestly I've no idea what it was intended for, but saw it as a ring (and it could fit my finger) until my parents enlightened me that its used to tighten pipes or tubes. Regardless of that, it's still a ring to me. On my free time, I shall see what else I can fished out from the sea of tiny objects at the hardware store.

07 August 2013



Taobao striped tee / Topshop jeans / Necklace from Hongkong / New Balance shoes

N who is in the navy and I both love the navy, when A.R.C GLORIA Columbia stopped by Singapore and berthed at the Promenade port last weekend, we had to give the ship a visit. She is decorated with flags of various countries around it and it's a great vessel for sea sightseeing given her spacious built. To fit in the nautical theme, I donned stripes & everything else navy. Might be too literal you say, but my rationale is that its just blue stripes and not a huge anchor print shouting right on my chest. So maybe this #ootd isn't too literal afterall and I needed something really casual for ship visit (climbing up and down steep steps) on a scorching afternoon.

05 August 2013



Monologue notebook / Maison Martin Margiela for H&M clasp bracelet / empty glass bottle

My final year is here, next week officially. Unlike other classmates who will return to school after long vacations, several short getaways, lazing at home, cafe visiting (and the list goes on), well I'm returning feeling a little fatigued. I had a 3 days retreat to Johor Bahru, been working to fund my school expenses and other important commitments. Despite all that, I will seek strength and joy from God. I'm also blessed to have my life's best friend to support me through tough times. (You know who you are, thank you!) And is it too early? But I am already looking forward to my long awaited 2 or maybe 3 getaways in December. Good things require patience.

02 August 2013


Yesterday's lunch was burger, still felt it lacked something but it beats fast food burgers anyday, its so much healthier though I know its not thaaat healthy. The meat patty is made the same way as meatballs from my food post last week, just mould it into the shape of a patty instead of a ball. Then top it off with stir fry spinach, mushrooms and cheese and enjoy the burger!

As I'm getting more interested in culinary while constantly improving my skills, I'm documenting the dishes I cooked from time to time on Instagram @jojoeylow, with hashtag #makanwithjoey, join me in this archiving!