25 February 2012

Colour Blocking

Such a fun photograph trying to capture a fast shutter speed moment and some sort of unintentional colour blocking with primary colours. Wearing Lucyd Acyd Alexa dress with my worn-to-death Dr. Martens. I'm letting this navy blazer go, more info here, any takers?

24 February 2012

In the shadow of your heart

Another set of photographs taken and directed by my classmates for our photography assignment. I've got about another two sets of these photographs taken for school assignment to share on the blog next time. For this set of photographs, we experimented with composition based on the criteria my lecturer gave.
Next week, my team and I will be executing our fashion shoot and I'm excited but there's a lot of preparations to be done before hand. I'm the copywriter in my team so I won't be photographing or styling this time. Will be assisting and snapping behind the scenes shot! Hope I won't get sunburnt again. Happy weekends! x

21 February 2012

salmon out of water

I love salmon. I'm very thankful for having my mom to help me cook this simple and delicious meal for me last week while I was busy completing my never ending amount of work. It powered me up! Today I went for a test shoot outdoor with my group mates for our project and I got sunburnt...So probably no outfit pictures these few days, unless I'm all covered up, till I let the redness fade off my fair skin. This is what happens when you don't bother applying sunblock.

15 February 2012

Leather edge

Leather dress from Fyn, Wedges from City Plaza, Cuff from Talisman

We've got this really fun project whereby we are paired up with a classmate randomly by our lecturers to study our client's preferences, inspirations, interests, personality, background and style. After which, we source and buy an outfit from head to toe within $40! Plus a restriction: No thrift shops, No vintage, No flea market finds. My partner, Rebecca and I discussed to understand each other's style better and went on 2-day trip to shop and tried bargaining! So these were what we got!

13 February 2012

Not so still

Becoming an amateur model for my classmates during photography classes, where we go around the school's area to shoot according to the lecturer's instructions. These few for now, need to get back working! Have a good start of the week! xx

10 February 2012


The above were taken by my little 10 year old sister while my parents were at spa on a late Sunday afternoon after church. I love the ambience, but of course, it has to for its business. I tried to do my school assignments while I lay there since there were not much of sitting area. Wearing my Monki chiffon shirt which is perfect for the scorching weather with American Apparel pants and not seen here, with a silver arc necklace from Hong Kong.

06 February 2012

Garden Home

Navy maxi dress from Hong Kong, Thescarletroom waxed jacket, Burgundy small sling

This was shot at my Aunt's beautiful backyard on one of our Chinese New Year family gathering. And this was what I wore when I interviewed the fashion photographer I mentioned in my previous two posts (except that little sling). This sling is such a cutie, and I couldn't resist it when I saw it and a classmate of mine bought the same one with me while we were out for a school project. When I brought it home, my 10 years old sister asked if she could borrow this bag someday. Its the end of CNY, its also serious time for me to get back to the gym after indulging all the food everywhere I went.

03 February 2012

Just a Vision

Some which I find very interesting and rather appealing in a different way to me by Hakim. These were taken during an in-class photography practice last week. Where we goofed around a little and explored an underground space in school. On a side note, I'm quite disappointed that I can't go to the gym that often now that I'm extremely occupied with work and even if I have the one-hour to hit the gym, I'll be way too exhausted and tired to. Having to curb my diet and not exercise is quite a bad thing to me. Anyway, have a great weekend! xo.

02 February 2012


Celebrated my sister's 10th and nephew's 1st birthday several weeks back. Really thankful to start the year with several family gatherings.

Uninspired days or when in doubt, wear black. But I'm still trying to refrain myself to wearing all black that often.

Went to Yue Han's video work which was exhibited at my school.

Explored a rural yet interesting underground in school while working on a photography work.

New kicks for the New Year! Though its a little loose for my feet, I still love it so much!

Shot by Arella.

Here was briefly how my January went. 80% of it was myself doing my school work. Speaking of which, sorry for the lack of updates as explained. On a side note, I will be interviewing a relatively well known fashion photographer this Saturday and I'm excited and nervous about it! Hope it will go well and I'll share the interview Q&A on the blog in weeks to come. And I've decided to do a recap post of every month this year, it may not be a very focused content post. Where I can share something else about what's happening in my life. Its always good to share, to reflect and seek for improvement! Happy Friday tomorrow and happy weekends! x