29 May 2013


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I don't know what got me interested in cooking, it might be some wifey or motherly hormones growing in me, I feel the need to know how to cook. Cooking had always been a chore, it still kind of feels that way – all the preparations, the heat and then the washing. But I've decided that it will be something I want to accomplish during this school break, or rather embark on in life.

Previously, I could only cook instant noodles and scramble egg because they're the easiest thing for me. On days when no one is home to cook, I'd either skip my meal or have cereals or cup noodles. For me, having a partner who can cook or is equally interested in gastronomy is helpful and makes cooking enjoyable. So far, I've only whipped up a few dishes which are still rather simple to do but it's good enough for me for a start. Gonna start researching recipes and try different dishes soon!

23 May 2013

SHOW 2013

IMG_2919 IMG_2929 IMG_2925 IMG_2928If you're free tonight, head down to LASALLE for the annual graduation show! I'm graduating next year but I've been involved with the process of setting this exhibition up. Layouts, writings and endless editing – That was how I had spent my past week in school, on a school break, ironic I know.

The grad show will showcase works of Diploma and BA (Hons) graduating students from various artistic faculties. 6pm @ various galleries in the school's campus.

18 May 2013


monki dress/ pure silver bangle

vintage shirt/ topshop jeans

taobao dress/ thrifted bag/ h&m boots


Yes, I've been quite inconsistent in updating this space. I'm working on several projects since the end of my school semester while being in the midst of revamping my room.

Not exactly sure if there're people who still read my blog honestly, I'm just blogging for the hobby of doing so and I'm just wondering if all these effort and time put into this platform is just for my own self read, hmmm.

06 May 2013


asos shirt/

Being released from the rat race of school just a week ago was one of the most relieved feeling. School break plans now commences ahead my thankful 3 months break, hopefully I can document them on this space as much as possible. I have a list of "30 things to do" this holiday, of which 1 was accomplished this morning.

04 May 2013


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This week started off with a gastronomical experience at Madnest, located along East Coast Rd. For someone like myself who rarely travel to the East and going back home took me 2 hours, if it wasn't for the food, I probably wouldn't have went. They serve Northern Indian and Italian cuisine as well but I tried Japanese that day to satisfy my maki cravings.

It was the sauce and texture of the maki that really made it so delicious. I heard of all that good rave about the maki from Koh Grill & Sushi Bar but haven't got the chance to try it so I can't say now which is better. What Madnest served was of quality not just for the food, but definitely for the ambience and art pieces they have fused into the restaurant. I would come back to this cosy restaurant, but perhaps with a private transport there and back? Really dread the long journey back.

01 May 2013



A last minute-2 minutes snip. I put on the jeans and felt a pang of boredom might I say with how it looked (had this jeans for 3 years), picked up the scissors and snip off the hem without hestitation. They look slightly more raw now than in photos, with white threads that are hidden inside the denim hanging out. This feels like a new jeans, glad there're no regrets resulted. Kudos to diy! And the May days begin.