30 April 2012


Vintage men's shirt, Feist blazer, Topshop skirt, Dr. Martens shoes

Attended NTU ADM's graduating show on its opening last Friday in support of my friend's much anticipated work. There were many other amazing works showcased. 2012 has been zooming by at lightning speed thus far, can you believe April is about to be over? It felt like yesterday that I just watched Prince William and Kate Middleton's matrimony on the television and blogged some photographs on the wedding and now they've already been married for a year. The speed at how each week passes by somehow scares me. Ps, photography by Arella!

27 April 2012


Had yet to get over with this shirt, its really a piece of treasure, leading me on to find interest in starting a trove or capsule, inspired by what Andy Warhol did which I learnt from the trip to the exhibition of his works several weeks ago at the Arts Science Museum. Still feeling lucky to be the owner of this shirt which fits me perfectly and contrary to my initial belief that this shirt would be hard to style, it is rather versatile and definitely all right for the thirty-two degree celsius humid weather I live in everyday.

25 April 2012


Modparade shirt, old dance tights, thrifted trench, Gloves from Beijing

There's an almost never ending list of things I would like to do this holiday and one of it was to go Ice Skating! With Singapore's weather, you wouldn't see me in gloves but ice skating made it an exception. This is probably an ideal outfit if I get the chance to ice skate overseas during winter, thicker wear of course. I'd love to skate some time soon again, a temporal escape from our scorching & humid weather. Thank you Grace for the fun accompany and photos! On a side note, I'd be updating shoptherosebreaker all over again with better snaps soon, hope there'll be good response.

21 April 2012


Welcome to my long awaited deserving three months school break. Here are snippets of dug-out photographs that were taken randomly. I had been really busy which resulted the fact that I rarely brought my camera out to take photographs, thus Instagram and self takes which could suffice at the moment but I'm deeply apologetic about my mundane and slow posts on my blog. I know there aren't many people who comment here but I would like to know your feedbacks and/or suggestions that I can consider working on! Would greatly appreciate if you could spend some time letting me know via emailing me at my gmail account (found at the sidebar, my hotmail strangely got blocked..) or just commenting on my blog. Thank you! x

14 April 2012

Soul Searching

This week: Flipping through this month's issue of Dazed & Confused every single day (even though the rain torn a part of my magazine) and having Grimes on repeat on my iPod, wearing shoes I got several weeks ago on lazy days and attending to assignments all the time. Posts lately are rather mundane and I deeply apologise for that! Will try my best to do up better posts when my school break comes. Have a blessed weekend!

11 April 2012

Quirk of Feelings

As much as I am drowning in my assignments and battling through each day in my last week before submissions, I have to share with you this little quirky bag of mine. I got this for 25 yuan (5 sgd) in a tourist spot at Zhang Jia Jie, China almost two years back. I admire the craftmanship, uniqueness and reusage of fabrics made by the locals there. Its amazing for such a price! I rarely carry this bag out because I usually have lots of things to bring out and I was honestly afraid of carrying something too quirky. But since I've braved myself wearing more prints recently and also started loving everything quirky more, I carried this bag out of Easter Sunday. I got several compliments about the bag that day in church and the kids I met loved it. Now I regret not buying more just for some capsule collection.

03 April 2012

Ancient Songs

Sorry for the lack of updates, I'm in my final lap before my assessment and submissions hence I've been too caught up with school. Despite the hectic life, I managed to watch the broadway musical – Wicked! I believe you've heard positive raves about it. I have to say, its one of the best musicals I've been to! Its been a week but I'm still deeply addicted to it. Anyway, featured above: #1 - Topshop top and skirt, vintage shoes and Desigual tote, #3 - Forever 21 pants and daiso socks, #4 - Givenchy inspired dress and RayBan wayfarers. How I love everything Givenchy, Riccardo is a genius but too sad I'm not able to afford.. On a side note, if you have Instagram, follow me! – jojoeylow