29 June 2013


June 2013. Half of the year past, starting to have this love-hate relationship with how fast time flies – always looking forward to something but yet hoping time would pause at certain moments.

01 Current read: Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell I borrowed from my best friend.
02 (untitled) by Margiela, I switch around between this scent and Chanel No 5.
03 erase. An eraser I can't bear to erase anything, it works more as a weight to prevent my papers from flying away than a stationery.
04 Silver choker when worn, there but barely there. I've an extra brand new piece and I'm selling it – Stop over the shop for more
     details! Email me for order or enquiry.

28 June 2013


Click on the image to be directed to watch it in motion.

diy bag and wallet (quite camouflaged on the left) / ipod nano / rayban wayfarers / our daily journey with God booklet / n95 mask (just in case the haze comes back, but hopefully not)

My first instavideo and first what's in my bag post. Not that well shot, my hand can't seem to hold the camera/phone stably when it comes to videoing. A tad worried about how I'm gonna do my fashion film when the new school semester starts.

26 June 2013


IMG_3524 Untitled-2IMG_3529
zara dress / diy bag / new balance

If you're wondering what's that red thing sticking out of my bag, its a crepe paper made flower that is given out in my church annually in celebration of both Mother's and Father's Day.

Little people know this, I love navy as much as black. However, when I'm shopping I don't always find navy that's available for the item(s) I want but there'll be always black, which is quite a pity. I'm hoping to look for more blues in general, but in the meantime I'm gonna prepare to train up physically, considering to go for a 6km Yellow Ribbon Prison run in September.

23 June 2013


monki white shirt/ taobao bag

The haze had largely been cleared off, so thankful for fresh air! I had been home the past few days avoiding the choky-ness outdoor and finally went out yesterday. It's my first time witnessing more than 50% of people around me wearing a mask, which made me feel less awkward wearing it too (wearing masks isn't much of a culture or habit here in Singapore).

That mannequin there – I remember getting it at a steal for $5 from my school when they were getting rid of the old ones. Except that the mannequin stands weren't given, hence mine always sits on the floor/ on stacks of books/ on a stool. So anyone knows where I can get a suitable simple stand from for a decent price?

20 June 2013


IMG_3393 IMG_3394_text

While the entire nation rants about the serious haze situation as if the haze will subside with more complains made, (read news for some info, current psi reading is at historical high 371) I stayed at home on most days this week to work on DIY projects to avoid the haziness. I've said this before, but I must say it again. There's always a sense of accomplishment when I make something on my own, with pocket friendly materials (money saving) and most of the time different from what is available out there.

This time I didn't do a tutorial sort of post as these items are pretty straight forward to make or available on other sites. I'm gonna try making passport covers, functional pouches or apparels – planning starts now!

17 June 2013



It's up here! After such a long time allowing my eyes ache over how badly I've previously shot my preloved apparels, (because of my room's old pink wall) I've finally reshot them when I painted my walls back to white.

Everything $30 > below, except a brand new Fossil satchel bag. In fact, most of them ranges from $15 to $25. Show some love!

Direct all orders or enquiry to jojoeylow@gmail.com


16 June 2013


online navy outerwear/ cotton on white tee/ h&m skirt/ mmm for h&m bracelet/ new balance

It must be the weather that had started to take its (slight) toll on me. Being ill is undeniably uncomfortable and tiring, but to I thank God I'm unwell now rather than on days I have heavy work load. And I'm not kidding, I am thankful about this. A lesson on being thankful in all circumstances regardless good or bad.

That aside, I am in midst of photographing my preloved apparels and accessories. Everything should be up within these few days!

11 June 2013


I rarely post my work over the internet now, but I guess one can do. This was from the Lasalle Show 2013.

Other work; consolidating, layout, writing, editing which I was involved.
For a wedding banquet.

It's been a loving, enjoyable and thankful year. Ongoing by God's grace.

Midnight supper with my church friends at Johor during a church retreat. Truly a large bowl of goodness at such a reasonable price. I really wish Singapore would have more reasonable standard of food for the price.

After much contemplation, I finally decided to buy this. It's truly a need and an essential.

10 June 2013


IMG_1629IMG_1674IMG_1685IMG_1958IMG_9549IMG_2235IMG_2212I've been having so much thoughts for months about f a s h i o n.

A little background info: I major in Fashion Media & Industries (previously known as Fashion Communication) at Lasalle.

This started sometime back in midst of my project. The main project was to create a fashion ad campaign and lookbook from concept to print for a fictional collaboration – mine was Marc Jacobs for Zara. As I researched and think deeply about a concept, I felt that many big labels' campaigns didn't seem to be well communicated. They are nice visuals, but they were merely models being styled, being directed to pose and look in a certain way the brands want to portray and also being photoshopped.

What drew me to this course was the production of pretty fashion photos and amazing layouts in publications. Initially, I wanted to be a stylist for fashion spreads. As time passed and doing these works, attending some fashion events, seeing people, I felt fashion is a facade. I'm honestly sick of fashion – being disgusted at times by the fast changing ephemeral trends, how the fashion media (ironically what I'm doing) changed the looks of models, who they truly are, feeling bland seeing fashion imagery plastered all around the internet, cities etc. I don't really see purpose in these. And I wonder how God sees what fashion had become.

I enjoy dressing up and shopping but I was never the kind who follow trends or overdress and I don't lust for brands. I always stay to this: wear what I like and feel comfortable in, I would only buy expensive goods if I have the ability and not splurge or lust over them.

One more year till getting my BA (Hons) degree, I'm thankful the final year project would be more independent-oriented and I can choose what direction I would want to venture, even in my 6000 word essay. May the Lord guide me through my final year and allow me to find out what I would like to do in the future and what best suits me, in his time and will.