27 September 2012


Hatched some eggs @ Hatched Holland Village last week. I'm not a good food critique but I must say I really enjoyed the Salmon Royale with smoked salmon laid over a sweetly toasted bun, topped with perfectly poached egg and classic mushroom mashed potato though not enough to fill my huge appetite so I had half of another meal and dessert which were really good too. Apart from everything on food, the interior was beautifully set, would love to have light bulbs hanging on my ceiling - keeping that inspiration in view.

25 September 2012


I love this white blazer, is an understatement. I never thought I would wear a white blazer because I always thought it looked like a doctor's coat but learnt that with the right cutting and styling, you won't look like one. This is a men's blazer which is oversized for me and it's comfortable for me to move in it. Considering to bring this piece along with me for my December vacation, enough to wear two more layers underneath it.

EDIT: Updated the shop with my preloved items here.

20 September 2012


Chanced upon a book on one of my favourite designer Maison Martin Margiela and got hooked on it. Margiela's so forward thinking and crafts the most spectacular concept in every collection. He created perspex heels long before it became this trendy, which everyone is listing that in their shopping list. His upcycling works are beyond amazement (turning luggage into a jacket and many others) and I respect his low profile persona because its always his design and concept first. I can't wait to see what he came up with for his collaboration with H&M that will be out on November 15. I've marked that date in my calendar.

18 September 2012


I slowed down, stop and take a look at the night of Singapore. These two simple shots I took reminded me the beauty of light and serenity which are part of God's wonderful creation.

16 September 2012


Happy blessed birthday to one of the greatest people in my life, the one who brought me to Earth, my beloved Mother. This is just a little gift for you compared to what you've provided me in my life and I give thanks to the Lord for having you in my life. Thank you Mommy, I love you.

13 September 2012


As much as the amount of school work is piling up on my hand, I enjoy taking my mind off work and just spend my Friday evening relaxing somewhere serene, speaking of which I wonder where I'll be heading tomorrow evening.

I love dressing in black and white and I love monochrome photographs, there's an undeniable beauty in it. I would love to shoot a series of black and white on landscape, interior, objects and people but that'll have to wait at the moment.

09 September 2012


Images: style.com

Its Nyfw once again and the first show I chose to watch was Alexander Wang and I am amazed by this collection. Alexander played with our eyes by creating this "floating in the air" effect which was such a brilliant idea. I love the sharp, clean lines and silhouette and using mainly black and white, with some metallics. Approaching the end of show, the lights went off and the clothes glowed in the dark, it was a moment that really caught me staring unflinchingly at my laptop in amazement. I just had to screenshot those scenes immediately.

04 September 2012


Topshop Grey Tee, H&M leather shorts, Zara Blazer, DIY necklace

Something really unusual you will ever spot on me, that is, neon colours or loud prints. The maximum I will go is this vintage shirt which I still wear. Apart from that, I don't do loud prints or neon colours. I find neon a tad too jarring to my eyes and I naturally gravitate towards black, navy, burgundy, grey, white and perhaps silver. Despite all that, this DIY is really fun when my groupmates and I did it together for a DIY school . We took our reference here, you can also try it on your accessories before you decide to sell or dump them away, it's such clever idea that's worth trying!