30 November 2011


Lei Ho Mou! I'm now in Hong Kong. Was at Macau for the past 2 days. The trip has been leg-aching and it's really making me grow fat but I'm enjoying it! (I'll exercise harder when I return) I'm staying over at a guesthouse in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui. Though it's a little squeezy & not-used-to, they've got wifi so I'm able to do a short post, check my twitter & facebook and upload my little snaps taken here on Instagram all through the handy iPhone! x

26 November 2011


A random breakfast I made; Hot Chocolate and Scramble egg with cheese. Simple but great for morning, especially after a long cold night of sleep.

18 November 2011

home sweet home

I submitted my last assignment on Monday and yesterday I went back to school to find out that I'm officially accepted into Fashion Communication! I've been wanting to study this course before I came to Lasalle. Since Monday I had been lazing around at home...Went to the gym, watch America's Next Top Model and plan my itinerary for my trip which is in 10 days time! Today I'll be spending some time reading magazines I bought some time ago, Monki magazine I received in my mail but didn't have time to read and "Influence" by MKA which has been on my wishlist for years since it was published and I finally have it! I was overjoyed when the postman arrived at my door with the book. Christmas is coming and I'm already in Christmas mood! Will be spending my Christmas overseas. Pictured in the first image; Ray Ban Wayfarer, Ray Ban aviator, DKNY tortoise shell, Gianni Versace vintage, thrifted round shades, degreed shades my dad made. Happy weekend! x

11 November 2011

in touch

A catch up with Lasalle year 1 mates over a dinner a few weeks back. I'm currently busy thinking about textile prints everyday and I'll be heading to school tomorrow on a Saturday to finish up my prints. Hoping the prints will turn out well!

09 November 2011

soft light

Just the last submission and I'm done with school for now. Can't wait for holidays. Earn some money, learn new things, relax, enjoy Autumn overseas, catch up with old friends, celebrate Christmas and New Year! I want to look for a place to intern but I gotta update my CV and portfolio and plan out my schedule first. Anywhere good to intern? Past few days was like living in hell. Had very little sleep, didn't eat well, got a random chest pain and fever but at least its about to be over and I'm feeling much better now! I can't wait to get back to the gym again, haven't exercise for weeks due to school and I can really feel myself growing fatter..Its time to exercise soon especially before and after my trip which I'm pretty much excited about!

PS: If you like my Instagram pictures and has an account, do follow me there! jojoeylow is the username.

04 November 2011


Topshop top and jeans, RWB blazer, New Look socks, Doc Martens

I've been extremely exhausted with school work. There're so much to do but so little time. Will update this space again once I'm done with 4 submissions! x