17 July 2016


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I am no food blogger but I'll still attempt to give my two cents worth on Pasarbella Suntec, despite it not being a newly open outlet.
(My posts are usually a 1-2 months #throwback anyway, well because of, work.)

To be honest, Suntec City seems a little unexpected to be Pasarbella's second outlet as its first, as most of us would know is located in a relatively secluded grandstand tucked along Bukit Timah road. But I believe for commercial and practical reasons to sustain a business, the prime location at Suntec would drive more crowd and revenue as compared to the grandstand.

Pasarbella Suntec is a rendition of what we Singaporeans might describe as an 'atas foodcourt', with a fusion of cuisines in different stalls side by side, curated in a hipster-ly designed interior to create a lower east NYC sort of vibe, and of course its price points sways significantly higher than a heartland foodcourt. Food wise, I can't say that these are my favourite because I have not tried all the stalls, but Grillo and Rollie Ollie are pretty worth the try. The latter's poke bowls are rather refreshing to my taste buds and it makes me feel a little more refreshed too after the meal, cause we are what we eat right?

04 July 2016


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A 3-hour drive across the border is equally sunny and sweltering Malacca; where Jonker walk, chendol and Peranakan cuisine (and kueh kuehs) are its highlight. This revisit felt like new yet nostalgic as it brought back some faint recollection from my last trip here a decade ago with my family. Shall allow the above snaps from the trip to speak for itself.