29 March 2015



Singapore flags flew at half mast, people wept, social media was flooded with news update and heartfelt messages from people of all ages. The passing of our dear founding father of Singapore, Mr Lee Kwan Yew, had deeply grieved Singaporeans. The endless long hours of queuing day and night to pay him the last visit made national news and history and I am glad I managed to take time off to queue and paid him my respect, which was really quite memorable and an experience.

I too, weighed a heavy heart and shared some thoughts on my Instagram and Facebook. I initially planned to post about Paris this week but decided to put it off till some time later as I did not want a post be a kind of distraction admist all the updates on Mr Lee.

He taught me about being a great leader and a loving partner, he inspired me to work dilligently and to have a vision, he showed me humility and contentment.

Thank you for the life you've given up and everything you've given to us out of hope and love. Looking back at what Mr Lee had contributed made me realise how much I have taken for granted and how much I have complaint despite living in a peaceful and beautiful country – I definitely have more than most and I am truly fortunate to be born and bred a Singaporean. I pray that my generation and the future of this nation will continue to write the Singapore story and never take our blessings for granted.

Farewell Sir, and you'll always be etched in our heart.

From a proud and blessed Singaporean.