28 September 2011

coral scallop

Pictured Tracyeinny top, Calvin Klein blazer

I am currently blogging on my laptop in school waiting for my dad to pick me up, its been a really long day and I'm exhausted. I bought a mannequin from my school for $5. Yes $5! I couldn't believe it, although its used, a little dirty with no stand but its really cheap for just the upper torso, you can't get it for $5 anywhere. So I've already planned to snap pictures of clothes I'm sell on this mannequin soon, so stay tune to shoptherosebreaker!

27 September 2011

runway mermaid



Versace Spring/Summer 2012 

One of the most beautiful collection during Milan fw in my opinion. Fendi and Prada were beautiful too but I felt that Versace's collection was really beautiful because it captivates viewer's, especially women. Glad Donatella is the creative director of her brother's brand. The collection was under water world inspired. Starfish, seahorses, seashells gold studs like treasures, and its colours were so mermaidian. I wouldn't mind having the last two dresses as my wedding gown. I was shocked when Lindsey Wixson fell when walking the maxi dress in the last image. View the full collection here.

25 September 2011

on the road

Thescarletroom navy shirt, Miss Selfridge skirt, Egg3 bag, F21 cuff, Dr Martens

A rare opportunity to run around in the middle of the road without having to look out for cars in a Central Business District is during events like the F1 car race that's happening now. 

22 September 2011

everything has its time

Wearing Runwaybandits asymmetrical dress, H&M cardigan and ring, Forever 21 bag and ring, Dr MartensDSCF3021DSCF3025

More images over the past week. Breakfast on bed, fashion magazines and books, i-D layout sketch and while waiting outdoor to enter the Indoor Stadium for the World Runway Premiere event. I spent part of today watching some of New York and London fashion week shows. I know nyfw is over but I only got time to watch it now. So far Matthew Williamson and Burberry Prorsum had left a great impression on me, haven't watch other shows yet though.

21 September 2011


As usual, some photos taken from the past week with my Iphone. My week has been mundane, just completing school assignments and taking random photographs as the ones you see above. Attended World Runway Premiere last Sunday evening which was probably something interesting that happened throughout my week. Now that I am done with my submissions on Monday, I've already watched the last half of Princess Hours... Its my 3rd time watching it? Not a big fan of korean dramas but that is one of my favourite. I went for work again at Tracyeinny, I'm having a school discussion tomorrow and will be starting on my work again. Talk about a week of rest, its more like a few days of breather but still can't get myself off school yet.

14 September 2011

behind the scenes x tracyeinny shoot

A little update for the blog. Here's the video of the Tracyeinny shoot at cold rock at Marina Bay Sands which I've posted here. I did the styling for this shoot together with one of my boss, Pamela. Enjoy! (Ignore my hair then, it was just days after I had the haircut which I dislike a lot. Its really messy and short in the video) On a side note, I am currently conquering a few more of my assignments before submission. Will try to update more then!

Photographer: Gabriel Chua (www.gabchuaphotography.com)
Photographer assistant / videographer: Deborah Lim
Stylist: Joey Low
Hair & Makeup artist: Ze

07 September 2011

to school

Wearing mom's top, CK blazer, AA disco pants, thrifted shoes, Egg3 leather bag

Wearing TSR shirt dress, DKNY outerwear, Dr Martens shoes

DSCF2977 2 copy
DSCF2982 copy
DSCF2987 copy
Wearing RWB shirt, DIY skirt, F21 cuff

Before I left home, I was convinced that it was too retarded to wear the self sewn skirt out (because of all the bad stitchings), I decided to change into my Topshop skirt. Don't think I'll wear the DIY skirt out anytime soon. Hmm maybe during christmas, since its christmas applique. But we'll see how things goes. 

04 September 2011

doctor heals my happy feet




Got myself a pair of England edition Dr. Martens and its my favourite shoe now. Accompanied by all my socks which looks pretty boring. I don't wear bright coloured or overly printed ones so I go for these few. I want to get more but I'm not sure whether its worth buying more. The faux fur bag has aroused several questioning from a few, asking whether its dog fur haha! And its definitely not dog fur because firstly I won't be able to afford one, I don't know if there're actually bags made of dog fur anyway and its too cruel to carry one. All the dog lovers out there will skin me. Does it really look like dog fur? This shades is from my Dad's optical shop, they're DKNY and I love vintage frames. I want more!