31 July 2013


It's not Thursday until an hour later, but still throwback because I want to sleep soon. Forgot to share these when I should back in May, the exhibit presented by the Diploma students in Faculty of Design (Fashion Media & Industries).

We set up a work-in-progress stage of a productions company. Mock-ups that are ready to print are pinned on walls, quotes vinyl sticked to the wall, a conference table with real test prints scribbled with markings and stained with coffee + leftover cups and a rack of jacket designs showcased adjacent to the conference table. On the opening night, we also had a live shoot happening.

I remembered how my lecturer, a few of my friends and I stayed in the gallery the whole day constantly editing right till the opening. What an experience, and to the same cycle that is to come in my final year to come shortly. Hey August!

29 July 2013


denim shirt from malaysia / topshop sweater / cotton on skirt / necklace from hongkong / new balance shoes

Trying to draw an equivalent between girlyness and not so; not to gravitate too much to looking overly girly, while not too androgynous (given my not so slim figure, sometimes I'm afraid if I look too boyish). Somedays you'd see me in skirts & dresses with sports shoes or boots, while somedays in pants and blazers with heels. But honestly, not so much with the heels, haven't found the right pair for me.

26 July 2013


svensk köttbulle; swedish meatball

My 3rd Friday in a row whipping up lunch (more like a kids meal) for my Mom and myself. A pity I didn't have the ingredients to make the sauce, had to suffice with some strawberry jam. The meal looked so dry and the meatball wasn't properly rolled, hence the various sizes and not being really round but it tasted pretty good to us. My roasted mushrooms weren't roasted enough but its ok! I learn and will always try them again.

If you're keen to try, here's the recipe for meatballs. You'll need: 2-3 garlic cloves, 1 small onions, minced meat or ground meat of your choice (I used minced pork), teriyaki sauce (you can try others), breadcrumbs, 1 egg yolk, rosemary, salt, pepper, olive oil.

01 Finely chop garlic and onions.
02 Mix them evenly with meat, egg yolk, teriyaki sauce (1 tbs), breadcrumbs, rosemary, a pinch of salt and black pepper.
03 Suppose to roll them in your hands into a ball which I forgot to do so, then stir fry it on a pan over olive oil. Flipping all sides to fry for about 5-7mins. And you're done! I can't exactly state how much sauce or breadcrumbs to put in, its really up to your choice and the amount you're making.

24 July 2013



01  Flowers from my parents' bedroom; artificial but pretty. Not the first time making its appearance on my blog or instagram, but it always captures my attention, especially in the morning.

02, 03  I sewn a zip onto the lunch bag clutch my friend Lesley made for me. And finally packed lunch out with it, it is now truly called a lunch bag.

04  1900hrs last Sunday. Thankful for a clear sky once again after the haze incident.

05  Sinful peanut butter toasted morning meal and honey lemon water. This happens on days where the fridge is empty; no fruits, no veg, no meat, no egg. But my mom stocked up the fridge today!

06  My first time shooting eyewear, struggling with the reflective lenses. Here's for my dad's optical business. We're working on a mobile app right now!

07  A door in my church that's older than almost all of us who's alive. My church which I came to since birth is about 160 y/o, and I'm really amazed by its great architecture English missionaries came to build so many years ago, so that we can come into the house of God to worship. There is always a sense of reverence and peace whenever I enter the sanctuary.

21 July 2013


muji breton tee / topshop pants / h&m oxfords

I'm glad to have found the perfect navy Breton striped tshirt; such an essential. I'm quite particular about stripes. Firstly, the thickness of stripes and the distance between the lines. I've a bit of a giddiness when I see lines that are positioned too closely together, some optical illusion problem. Secondly, black and white stripes kinda inevitably make me relate to jail. So fortunately, I've found the one at Muji (one of my favourite stores!) and its made in a good material. I can't wait to wear it again.

19 July 2013


5 1 2 3
bru'sket:ta: An Italian antipasto; toast bread topped with tomato salsa

So today's lunch is my own simple version of Italian Bruschetta. The best part of cooking yourself is to tweak the recipe to suit your preference and to a healthier version. Not pictured and explained above, I've also squeezed in fresh lemon juice and added some fibre from lemon for some zesty taste in the tomato salsa. Mix them and allow it to macerate while toasting the bread. Might try this again, probably with grind feta cheese (but I should check on its calories first).

In other words, I hope this space isn't gradually becoming a food blog. I like to blog a variety but I haven't been bringing my heavy camera out for photos, but I will soon!

18 July 2013


Yes, everything must go! I've been hesitating a lot about reducing the prices, and I have finally decided to reduce them. In fact all items are priced below $20 (accessories below $9) except a pair of chelsea boots and a brand new satchel bag. Show some love at S T R B!

For orders or enquiries, please direct them to jojoeylow@gmail.com

12 July 2013


Japanese soba with seaweed
Stir fry potato with garlic
Sliced beef with enoki and white mushroom
Soba noodle sauce
Japanese green tea

Soba: そば; 蕎麦; A type of thin noodle made from buckwheat flour

I think I deserve a pat on my back – the first time I cooked a proper meal for my mom, from planning chopping cooking serving washing. Quite a healthy meal I should say, no msg or other seasoning added but they taste fine. Cooking soba is similar to cooking spaghetti noodles, but because soba is usually meant to be eaten cold, washing the noodles with cold water would do the job. Have a great weekend!

08 July 2013


IMG_3624 3
IMG_3715 IMG_3797
A selection of photos I took on my visit to Gardens by the Bay. It's a really beautiful escape from the city, the heat and work stress and return to nature. Though ironically, they're natural plants in a man-made set up. I went photography crazy, (probably all the time on my visits to new places) taking photos every few seconds and re-snapping a certain scene or flower several times before being satisfied with each shot. I'm not trying to advertise for gbtb, but hey locals and tourists, its worth paying a visit there.

03 July 2013


1 IMG_3586 IMG_3583
staple black dress / thrifted outerwear / taobao bag / h&m oxfords

After its opening for more than a year, as a Singaporean I have finally properly gave Garden by the Bay a visit, second time there but the first time I really explored the place and visited the domes. Its beautiful and I want to visit again soon.

I know this background isn't the most flattering to present the garden, but a pet peeve I have is to have random people in the background of my outfit photos. And at all other nicer locations, there'd be groups of people around. I'll gather some of the other photos I've taken there and share them on the blog soon.