24 March 2013


my mom's top/ h&m skirt/ taobao bag

Just a thought: Isn't it kind of interesting how hash-tagging is becoming a verb/ noun, like #ootd or #wiwt. I can't remember when was the last time I wore something more colourful/ out of the usual #blackwhitenavygreyburgundy palette but sometimes its good for a slight change.

22 March 2013


From my trip to Yunnan last December,
Visiting lots of rocks of a million years old
Along a village
White shirt which I'll be selling, will post more details at STRB soon and a boyfriend sweater

I would like to begin with an apology on how bad I am in keeping up with this blog and I know this isn't a proper post. I am currently working on several projects, to name a few if you're wondering – Fashion ad campaign, Menswear Dandyism x exhibition, journalistic feature article, academic 3000-word essay. With other commitments I have, they're definitely enough to keep my schedule full. In the meantime, you can check my Instagram (@jojoeylow) which I'm slightly more active in, with the instant photo edit and upload.

13 March 2013


1  Topshop tshirt/ Miss Selfridges skirt
2  Topshop jeans/ H&M shoes
3  Thrifted jacket

With the lack of outfit poses I have right now, I think these few from my instagram (@jojoeylow) could suffice. I am in midst of my immense work load. Excited yet nervous how my project will turn out.

01 March 2013


i. The inaugural issue of Mrs Rake, where I interned at with The Rake. And this photo of Charlotte Rampling is ever timeless.

ii. A Jil Sander, Celine DIY paperbag clutch made by my classmate, Lesley for me.

iii. Everyone's reading it. Imagine reading a book written almost a century ago all about the roaring 20s glamour. Waiting for the school semester to end so I'll have time to read it; new pen and penknife from Lesley as well; mini bulldog clip.

iv. Vintage measuring tape I got with my friend; wrist accessories I own, I don't have many, I always wear the same ones.

School's occupying my everyday so much right now but I should abstain from lamenting whenever I blog. When it comes to room packing, there're lots of things I'd throw or keep under my bed, but I know surely these are keepers; never a junk to me. And it's already March! Before you know it its Christmas again, in 9 months, #just saying.