30 November 2013


IMG_5720 I'm aware the blog is barely updated this month and we're now moving on to a new month. I don't mean to keep this blog stagnant but school for the past few weeks was really tough & rough. My project concept had been challenged and rejected by my lecturers time and again until it was finally approved just a week before my submission, so I crammed 5 weeks worth of experimentations and research into a week. So crazy, but I'm happy my final year project is temporarily over so I can take a breather in December before another round of craziness embarks again. I promise my blog in December will be so much more exciting and alive! x

05 November 2013


                          Been writing a lot for assignments the past few days, so my mind is taking a break from texts today.
                          Some recent Instagram outfit shots to feed this blog for the time being. I've been carrying this bag out daily since
                          I received it. I'm protecting the bag (like a mama) from over loading/stuffing or wear and tear.
                          It is truly my everyday bag, the quest for the great everyday black bag is over! 

01 November 2013


Can you believe that we have reached November? It felt like yesterday when I just countdown from 2012 to 2013 with my church friends and its about to happen again in 2 months time. Here's to start the month, I have put together something new and two love I have rekindled again in a photo.

White t-shirt. If you haven't already realise how essential a white t-shirt is, I'm reinforcing it: It really is. I have been looking for a long lasting white tshirt, (but either there are holes, food stains, became sheer or ran out of shape). This is the first time I bought a men apparel for myself. I didn't intend to, but I know I need a white tshirt and also since I had to use my birthday voucher from Topshop/Topman.

Chanel No. 5. I got this relatively on impulse almost 2 years back at Hong Kong's airport. I switch between this and (Untitled) by Margiela. I usually wear No. 5 if I'm dressed slightly more 'masculine' and (Untitled) if I'm dressed more feminine.

Wayfarers. To me this is the only sunglasses you'll ever need. I've always relied on the wayfarers to block sun glare out of my eyes, and its fortunate to have followed me on all my travels since I got this from my dad 4 years back. It is indeed as versatile as a white t-shirt.

Now it's time to return to complete my thesis research proposal.