22 April 2013


topshop tshirt & jeans/ thrifted jacket/ threadbare & squirrel laptop sleeve

This is probably the only jacket I'd wear now given the weather, because of its thin, airy material (sorry blazers and biker jacket, you'll hibernate in my wardrobe till later this year). I'm a sucker for weathers. Despite being a fashion student, I opt comfort over style (judging this based on the stereotyped views that fashion people never dress for comfort), or at least I try to dress well even when I'm going for comfort. Check back at my winter dressing, I'd pile on heaps of clothing to keep warm than shiver in the cold. My perfect weather would be: think Hong Kong in December – autumn, cool air, non humid, some sunshine.

And finally, well almost, a week left till my long awaited 3 months school break. Next week is a special week and I can't wait to explore around Singapore. Back to the weather matter, because it's really cooking me up, I'm hoping for good –no rain, no scorching sun, windy, cooling– weather please!

18 April 2013


Right now as I'm battling against my final project this semester, I'm yearning to escape Singapore and travel somewhere. While taking a break today, I started looking back at past photographs on my past travels in recent years.

Here's a niche selection to Tokyo, Xiamen Hakka village, 4500 ft up a mountain in Yunnan, mingling with goats in Malaysia, Beijing, visiting Avatar's filming site, Hong Kong. Unfortunately I didn't have nice scenic photos of other places I've been to like Seoul and Taiwan, because I wasn't quite into photography and I couldn't be bothered to photograph anything scenic. (seriously regretting I didn't pick up the camera much earlier)

I don't have much travel plans this coming school break, though. But I'm blessed I can get to travel these few years and I'm thankful. Can't wait to travel again!

15 April 2013


There's no way for me to deny that basic tees should be in every woman's wardrobe, especially for Singaporean women. Those who have never been to this little red dot (a term to describe our country), here's a little geographical info: we're located 1 degree North above the equator, it's humid even when it rains and cool weathers are rare. This current season is basically scorching sun + humidity at 100%.

I've honestly stopped wearing all my jackets and blazers unless I'd be in an air-conditioned space the entire day. I need my basic tees more than ever (been wearing the above black tee about thrice a week albeit holes are appearing now), and can I ever stop saying how versatile they are?

It is time to be back on hunt for good quality tee in various styles and in my usual colour palette. Can't wait to do a post one day with all the basics I've collected in the near future.

13 April 2013


Here are snippets of my life in the past weeks with iphone + instagram. Consists of a ton of eating, lack of exercise (but I will be back on my regime) and school work. Highly anticipating for the last week of April, which marks the end of my third year in Lasalle and the start of my 3 months school break. I can't wait to fill this blog with more less-mundane posts.

On a side note: I need a bagpack and a pair of trainers. A good and beautiful bagpack to save my back whenever I carry a ton of things out, especially almost everyday when I have to bring my laptop out. And a pair of trainers...Been thinking about New Balance for months now and as much as I tell myself not to get it cause everyone else has it, I still want it. I need it. Haven't settle on a design, but let me continue to think deeply about it, yet again.

04 April 2013


1 IMG_1430 IMG_1441 IMG_1465 2 IMG_1474 3 IMG_1389
The Dandy Exhibition. Some of my fellow schoolmates turned their 10 weeks long project into real life showcased in LASALLE's Project and Praxis space, and in collaboration with the menswear fashion designers from our school. The project was about revising menswear and dandies in Singapore through a curatorial exhibit. I also had the chance to help photograph a few shots of the old school Chong Seng tailor shop for two of my friends Zid and Julia.

Through this exhibition, I'll never look at menswear and bespoke the old way I had anymore.

02 April 2013


"Hmmm..." That was the kind of reaction I had upon knowing this new collaboration Margiela recently had with G-Shock. Design wise, the margiela aesthetics is still alive. That sort of "oh it's a watch or is it a bangle or wait, it could be both" kind of idea which is what I love about the brand. However, apart from that, I'm skeptical – unsure of what the label is becoming.

I do feel sad for the founder Martin Margiela himself and I'm curious to know how he is coping witnessing his label collaborating with mainstream brands; firstly with H&M and now G-Shock. (He has retired as the creative director for those who did not know) That itself, is far from the ethos his label is suppose to be. As much as the aesthetics still belongs to the house of the triple M, I would like the original and true MMM to return please.