24 January 2012


Its the first day of the lunar Dragon New Year. A little update about today: I went to the gym early because I felt really fat after having two heavy reunion dinners with both my maternal and paternal sides.  Then I went to visit my relatives and did some of my school assignment at my Grandmother's house. But lost my motivation to continue my work. Need a break!

Monki shirt, Maple skirt, Rings from H&M and Maple, Bag from Macau, Katie Judith wedges

I'm not really the kind who would clad in an all-red ensemble for Chinese New Year. Who says we got
to wear bright colours? Well I agree bright colours suit the festive mood but monochrome suits me more and besides, deep in my mind school assignments are chiming in my mind repeatedly... I got this top while I was in Hong Kong and told myself to keep this piece to be worn on Chinese New Year because it doesn't have the usual collar, just collar stand which in other words is mandarin collar. Plus, its sheer-ness is comfortable just nice for the hot weather here despite the recent downpour. Shot these photos just outside my Grandmother's house when I reached. Its another long day of visitings tomorrow, new set of clothings to wear!

20 January 2012


Some sneaks and behind-the-scene. Hope to show the full set of photographs by the second week of February. I learn so much from each photoshoot I do as I write my reflections at the end of the day. I'd usually write down what I feel was good and bad, what I have achieved from my plannings, what I have improved and what I have to improve further. Each photoshoot is a great experience. I am now working on another shoot for school with some of my classmates. The set of photographs for that will probably be out only in May since its only at pre-production stage. Thank you Yue Han, Sarah and Shima for helping me out with this shoot and braving the blazing weather!

To all fellow Chinese, have an enjoyable Chinese Lunar New Year!

18 January 2012


Lucyd Acyd blouse, Topshop pants, Egg3 bag, Rings from Hong Kong

An outfit out the 5 consecutive days I wore black which I mentioned on my previous post. Black is no doubt versatile and a colour I often purchase when comes to shopping...When I'm uninspired (which I was), I would go for black. However, having said that, I think I need to take a break from purchasing black clothings but opt for other dark toned hues due to my body type and skin tone. Not that I don't wear light coloured clothings but it just doesn't compliment me well. Ps, thank you Arella for the photography!

16 January 2012

By the beach

Velvet shirt from Macau, UO tights

Blogging from school right now. This is my last outfit post for my trip to Hainan. A little too overdressed for the beach. I have been very uninspired lately, had been wearing an all black outfit for 5 consecutive days. Need to start searching for new inspirations to dressing up. Time to get back to lesson, Monday blues!

13 January 2012


The visuals I shot are probably more on sight-seeing because that's when I can relax and enjoy the scenery. Other than that, I'd be busy staring at the map trying to find my way from a place to another, ask for directions or busy shopping. As this is my first time in Hong Kong, with limited days and request from my parents for some sight-seeing, it was quite a tough job planning the itinerary. Which took me about a week to plan out. Several visual diaries from my two separate trips last December, hope you enjoyed the photographs I've posted!


At the stage of post-production of the fashion shoot and film I did but right now in the first week of school, I'm starting to be drowned in the pool of assignments and projects. I guess sorting images and editing them would have to be pushed back. I'm currently in midst of reading an article by Mary Lynn Damhorst...Trying really hard to fight against all the yawns and temptations to just sleep! I'm also trying to tune back to working at night and sleeping much later than usual.

10 January 2012

When In Hainan

Having lemon cookies with tea and milo with my Sister while watching an old Chinese film.

Sorry for the seemingly lack of pants. I am wearing shorts underneath but I still look pant-less...First time wearing the shirt out after purchasing it and thought its long enough to cover at least mid thigh. I'll pack better next time.

Velvet shirt from Macau, UO tights

Turtle neck from Uniqlo, American Apparel pants

Seafood dinner. And that's steamed egg in sea urchin I think.

I like how the peacock and the birds were so natural and cooperative for me to snap.

We were unprepared for a visit to the beach so we did not pack in anything suitable for beach and were rather overdressed.

The food here may look kind of unhygienic but the bbq chicken I tried taste really good especially with their local seasoning powder.

An extremely cold cable car ride up to a hill. The wind was extremely strong and there were several gap around the cable car. Shivered for about 15 minutes hugging my mom and back.

At monkey Island. The guide instructed us not to wear anything related to red or basically flamboyant as the monkeys will get jealous and attack you. And we witness a monkey jumping onto this lady cause she was wearing pink. Too shock to take any pictures during that moment. And another monkey snatching away someone's bag of peanuts. So I didn't dare to go near them.

Seeing a rural piece of land with several homes with nothing else. No shopping malls or schools. It makes me feel very grateful to be in a safe country and a loving family. I thank God once again for all he has bless me with.

Reached this place called Xing Long, one of the colder part of Hainan. Wearing knit and a coat wasn't enough to suffice the cold especially reaching night and with the drop of temperature.

A deserted view outside my hotel with a chicken farm outside. And these chicken made a lot of unpleasant noise in the middle of the night.

I'll be posting a few more pictures taken in Hong Kong once I sort them out. Back to school, felt refreshed but still in midst of tuning my lifestyle back as a student. Busy life coming up but I still hope to update the blog often.