25 June 2011

this is a boring post

(Top from H&M, Shirt from F21, Socks from New Look, Thrifted shoes, Cuff from f21)

I know I've been wearing this shorts so often. Its just so comfortable, my favourite shorts :)

I'm going to complete the weird abstract painting soon.

19 June 2011

sunday burgundy

(Shirt from rwb, Jeans from Topshop, thrifted shoes)

Into this shade of red, Burgundy. Beautiful colour isn't it?

2 more photos from the Desaru trip

Happy father's day to my dad, you're truly an amazing father. Thank you :)

Sunday lunch with Arella, Jasmine & Grace & their parents at Souperlicious. Had our usual girl talk haha :)

This week is going to be a tiring & busy week for me. Its sales week at Tracyeinny, come visit me at the store! Will be working on Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri & Sat, so tiring haha.
40% all items except latest collection and backorder items.
See you!

15 June 2011

Pulai Desaru

Set off by car from church

Lunch in M'sia but I ate very very little, lost appetite and fell ill. Had a 38.4 fever but thank God it died down the next day.

Dad and Jonathan gyming

Lying on the hammock and a swarm of mosquitoes came for my blood

Playing BANG!, still confused by it. And red ants kept harrassing us so we killed them all with a tissue and....

I made a grave for them

Late night games. Carrom, pool, table tennis.

Morning view from my room

Beautiful view. Miss it so much cause I don't get to sit by the sea looking at such view in Singapore.

Seafood lunch

Back in Singapore, working and counting down till school starts :/

11 June 2011

Heart is so jet lagged

2 new pair of shoes & 2 tops I got this week.

Old photos
Cousin Valerie & I on vacation. I have no idea what kind of pose is that for haha.

First and last time being someone's flower girl at my church.

I wished I still had that pants, tshirt and shoes kept as memories.

I was at KL.
This random boy came towards me, hold my face and gave me a peck on my cheek.
I really want to know who this is, I want to know why he kissed me and know how he looks like now..
This is awkward.

Singapore Discovery Centre with a mascot and Mom & Dad

My cutie sister haha.

I'll be leaving for Desaru tomorrow with my church. Will be back on Wednesday and hopefully able to upload pictures from the trip.

09 June 2011

colourblocks & instagram


(Top from tracyeinny, Shorts from Topshop, Blazer from eatingzombie, Socks from New Look, Vintage Versace sunglass, Vintage thrifted shoes, Faux fur bag from Chromaki)


Just got an Iphone but got to wait till next month for 3G in the phone, long story so yup, some photos I took with the phone.

Morning view outside my room

Newly bought sewing machine

Camwhore hahahahahahahaaa

My dad's optical shop

My mom arranged my room, really like it :) Will do a room tour video soon, probably next week after I'm back from my 4 days M'sia church trip.

03 June 2011

Lasalle grad show 11








Seeing what's exhibited for the grad show for Fashion made me feel happy & accomplished that I finished my foundation year successfully and will be pursuing my fashion comm course in August.





Debbie & I dresses so differently. She's really into colours & prints, she's not afraid to dress loud. But I'm more of a safe dresser. I tend to go for basics, and if I can, I add more colours.