27 July 2010

may school be great

My sister handsome right? Hahaha.

My mom couldn't recognise who this was..

Me: Guess who this is!
Mom: Eh who is this?
Me: Cannot tell meh?
Mom: Cannot, who?
Me: Its your eldest daughter! (which is me)
Mom: (Looks at me) YOU? (Looks back at the photo & back to me) YOU?

Don't look like me meh? Although I look like a mad old lady, but it still looks like me what! Haha.

I love this app on my itouch, so fun :)

I love you all my friends! Don't be sad to those feeling sad right now! You sad, Joey also sad. Always look on the bright side of life~ Rmb you girls don't deserve all the shit you've received by others be it a guy/ girl! Cheer up ok :)

School is officially starting next week, orientation is this Thursday. I'm quite excited. Excited to learn new stuffs, art & fashion :) On the other hand, I'm also nervous. Nervous cause I'm meeting new people, I don't know how these people will be. Are they nice? Mean? Fake? Irritating? Etc. But I hope they're nice and treat me nicely. I just want to do well in my studies and enjoy all I can in my 4 years schooling at Lasalle. May this 4 years be stressful (not that I want stress but its definitely inevitable) & fun & blessed!

PS: I queued for Koi alone today. The waiting was &*?#@!!^$% but the drinking was great so yay :)

PS 2: I am suffering from "Deprivation of Shopping" hahaha. I've not been shopping and it feels awfully bad for some reason. But I am suppose to control! I can do it!