29 October 2013


This was a dress I got quite awhile ago, but only wore it out recently. Originally it had a thick elastic band around the waist, which didn't suit me at all but you know, being blinded by the price tag, I eventually made the purchase (it was about 70% cheaper from its retailing price that's kinda why).

After keeping it close to 4 months, I have decided to work my fingers a little to 'edit' it – open the flap inside and removed the elastic band where it was hidden and tada! Albeit shapeless but its now a really comfortable dress which suits me more than cinching my waist. Can't imagine how much longer it might have to hibernate in my wardrobe if I didn't do anything about it.

Thank you N for this bag as a birthday gift. It's not just a bag but an everyday, everywhere bag. Received it at a perfect time since both my previous black bags from Taobao had torn with only a few months of usage. I can't be more thankful, not just for the gifts but really for the effort and sincerity, xx.

G.V.G.V x Uniqlo dress, Zara bag, New Balance shoes

24 October 2013


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This is the result of my third attempt making the pinhole camera (an analog handmade camera) which I had to do for a school assignment + experiment. It was a love-hate relationship. I got so fed up on my first try, because it turned out to be entirely blank – wasted a roll of film. On my second try I finally saw some very faint but also over exposed imagery. Thankfully I am quite pleased with my third experiment.

I have always love the raw aesthetics of film photographs. The anticipation of waiting to see the outcome of film photos is something entirely lost in the age of instant digital photography because we're too accustomed to review the image right after we capture the shot and we have the privilege to take a thousand shots because we can delete them if it looks bad. Despite this form of 'older' photography being quite costly and having to experience that rather impatient wait after every shot, each image will always appear different and because this is now lost amongst us, analog photographs become really precious to me.

21 October 2013


Yesterday on 20th October, I turned 20. Everything is pretty much the same, except my weight gain after binging on too much food. It's detox, go green and exercise from now on. Once again, I am extremely grateful for all the well wishes and encouragements I've received from friends in my walk of life. Plus treasured time I got to spend with my loved ones. Lastly I give thanks and all glory to God my creator for my breath of life. I'm truly blessed, I can't be more thankful!

Check my instagram hashtag #20on20thoct for some visuals from my birthday.

17 October 2013


An effortless look for a weekend brunch. My mom had this white shirt for years but its the first time I ever thought of wearing it out. Figured that I've got "nothing" to wear, peeked into her wardrobe and then borrowed it (with her consent). I know it isn't that evident in these images but I thought the bell sleeves were quite cute to some extent.

Speaking of white shirt, I've been meaning to get a clean white shirt in silk or polyester. One that doesn't crumple easily, yet smart casual, minimal and most definitely it has to be comfortable and suitable for the sunny days. It's on my list of essentials now, so I can wear that all the time and not need to buy other fanciful tops. A reminder to be patient while hunting for the perfect one, good things are worth the wait right?

Mom's bell sleeved blouse, Topshop jeans, Egg3 bag, Mom's espadrille

13 October 2013


                            01  Isn't from last week but several weeks ago. Asos skirt, H&M shoes, Muji bag.
                            02  Same Asos skirt, Muji breton top, Claire Fontaine art pouch as a clutch.
                            03  Banana milk while I'm being tortured by my ulcer. Recovering thankfully with salt (that immense pain ugh).

                            Photos from my Instagram: @jojoeylow

08 October 2013



It should be apparent enough, you would have already noticed the constant influx of fashion blogs in this digital age long ago. I too, you can say, am also part of this style blog frenzy. I don't know exactly when and who started this phenomenon. Fashion blogging seemed like a new career path – with coverage of fashion photography, street style, editorials, styling, journalism, product features, advertisings, sponsors, attending prestigious fashion shows or events, appearing in high street ad campaigns (and the list goes on). They somewhat seem like a magazine on their own. The purpose of this post isn't to pin point bloggers or anyone with a blog for that matter. I just want to put across my opinions about fashion blogging and consumerism.

I started blogging 7 years back (not with this blog), as a teenager discovering "blogging" and found it SO COOL (that's the term 13 year olds use right?) to have my own online platform writing everyday rants, much like a diary. Slowly fitting in the trend (plus trying to figure myself out as a fashion student), I started taking outfit photos etc while everyone on lookbook.nu also owns a so called fashion blog on their own as well. So I questioned, what defines a fashion blog and a fashion blogger? What are the criteria to become one? Wait – is there even a criteria to begin with? Seems like anyone who takes outfit photos, write a few lines about what they wore, grab some runway photos off style.com or put in some dream bag or shoes on the digital space will naturally be identified as a fashion blogger. Honestly, I don't consider this blog as a fashion blog, I don't see myself as a fashion blogger. I take ootd, because I just want to share a little bit of my style here (though I don't have a killer sense of style, really). And I am rather camera shy when I take ootd, unlike taking a group photo with my family and friends as some might see on my personal facebook.

Well, nothing wrong with having a style blog actually. Everyone's got different styles and various ways to express ourselves through the means of dressing and I read a handful of blogs on a daily basis and I get inspired too. However, I felt numb. Let's take successful fashion blogs as a benchmark. I see good looking, slim bloggers (my figure is pretty much the opposite) donning high street to high end head to toe. (They may or may not have bought them with their own pocket money, probably sponsored or gifted or really worked hard for them). But what are they really trying to say? To tell the world that we don't have enough, that we need to save and splurge on these not so pocket friendly products? Or an avenue to flaunt all they have?

Some may say, "Since I worked hard for it, I can buy whatever I like". Yeah sure, as long as you don't starve yourself just to buy them, its quite ok. BUT, what are your attitude towards material goods? To think about it, isn't it rather foolish for people to constantly lust over such material wealth? Well I believe many will have a different opinion. For me, I've come to really learnt that money isn't and shouldn't be spent this way. I would rather save to travel, to support my family in the future together with my husband, willingly give my parents and future in-laws money, donate money to those who really need them, support church missionaries etc. I will invest in a few better, "branded" goods if I have the means, and I mean A FEW of what I NEED, that will last me a long long time. Not the kind I use once or twice and off it goes buried in an immense, over flowing wardrobe. Many times, I catch myself feeling guilty over my impulse buys while I think about the many unfortunate people in the world, there begging for survival and yet we're here indulging in lavish/well-off lifestyle – lack contentment, ceaselessly lusting for more.

I often feel ambivalent about this, between materialism and fashion as I am in this industry promoting the "ideal" lifestyle and the amazing products. Hence being in a dilemma about my future. I aim to buy better quality products, but that also means branded goods. I'm learning to be more disciplined in my shopping habits. To clarify, I don't shop a lot. At least not the kind who shops monthly but I know I can exercise more self control in shopping. From now, I hope to purchase only the essentials, the needs, the kind enough to last me for a long time (and I don't mean just a few months, but years or even a decade), and good thing cause I dislike conforming to trends. Inspired by the blogger of dead fleurette (She stopped blogging though. Kinda bummed by that fact, but I respect her decision). Her blog unlike the usuals, is a reaction against consumerism and the stereotyped views on fashion. She shared about purchasing 15-20 essential pieces (apparels, shoes, bags) a year. Some shops 15-20 pieces every month. Imagine the state of wardrobe after a year.

I had once wished I have a walk-in closet filled with clothes and shoes and bags so that I can submerge myself in it (oh how glamourous and fun does that sound!) I tried saving part of my allowance back in Secondary school for a 2.55, seriously. That obviously never happen. Thankfully it didn't, I've grown to dislike the style of a 2.55 anymore. I don't think I shop that much, but whatever it is I will try and take this as one of my resolution for the rest of 2013 and for the rest of my life. I know it's not going to happen overnight but I'll exercise this attribute of self-control. I'll be visiting Bangkok twice this December, initially my plan was to shop a storm there. Well since my trip can't be cancelled, my main purpose there will not be shopping. Yes I'll still shop, but I'll learn to be wiser in what I buy, and immerse in the culture and bond with those I'm travelling with. Some may predict I won't be happy when I shop like that, but I'm sure I'll be happier not to regret over an overflowing wardrobe or realising how absurdly I've spent my money on clothes. We all know materialism isn't the source that'll provide life long happiness, even Tom Ford realises this.

Another final note: the more fashion products you have, doesn't equate to acquiring a great sense of style.

This is by far my longest blog post ever written in these 7 years, and also the most thoughtful one. I might still shop, still eat good food and travel but I'm sure my ultimate purpose isn't to flaunt my lifestyle. I'm contented with what I have and I'll enjoy these in moderation, not in excess, knowing that everything I have is a blessing from God. Anyway, I sincerely hope I didn't offend anyone. These are my heart felt opinions, and I'm not sure who feel the same as I do?

By this point, I wonder who had read through every line I wrote here in reflection upon this prevalent issue that abounds in our everyday.

I'm clearing my wardrobe with both worn and brand new clothings, mostly at SGD $10. Many of which I had bought on impulse and they don't suit me anymore in fit or style. If you think you need these clothes, then do help me out by giving these items a new owner – H E R E.

05 October 2013


Just a few visuals in representation of my attempt of relaxing a little bit more on my weekends – which is a mere 2 days, I feel your #tgif and #mondayblues fellow undergrads but I'm aware I lead a much relaxed life than working adults and those in National Service. I still try to balance school work, church commitments and time with my loved ones. The above were from the past 2 separate weekends.

01  A booklet I designed and simply bound with a compilation of heart felt words from circle of friends for N's birthday.
02  Lunch at National Museum's Food for Thought. I was rather taken aback when that dish was served. For a usual glutton like me, I couldn't finish the portion. Do share with someone even if you can finish this on your own, it's for health-sake. Don't get me wrong, the chicken with curry powder is indeed tasty together with that zest of lime mayo sauce but truth to be told, deep fried and healthiness don't go along.
03, 04  Terrariums and fresh raw seafood at Pasarbella. Didn't get to try the seafood though, as I have already set my stomach for paella (plus I wasn't financially capable for fresh raw seafood that afternoon).
05 Found a still-in-construction area with no passerby, so here's presenting an #ootd.

03 October 2013


After 3 years classroom-hopping around the school, I am finally given a permanent workspace for the next 7-8 months before I graduate. Here's little things I brought from home for practical use or motivation, like Colossians 3:23-24, words from God is undeniably the best encouragement and comfort as I forsee myself going through the next several crazy months of school. Bracing myself!

Polaroid, Colossians 3:23-24 written on tracing paper, personal namecard, naval knot, A4 perspex, glass jar of stationeries, monologue notebook and a pen