29 July 2011

chilling at the frass

(OM blouse, Miss Selfridge skirt, Egg3 leather bag, Rings from Topshop & F21)

Please DO NOT laugh at my ugly hair. Had a haircut by a trainee stylist at Toni&Guy. All I asked was to thin my hair cause its so thick. Before the cut, a guy stylist talked to me about my hair. Based on his professionalism, he said that I gotta cut a little so I said ok, since its a little (it was suppose to be till my bra as a marking). But the lady cut it shorter than the marking, so now my hair length is above my bra. Its really short to me. And she thinned it too much, too layered. So the top part of my hair is very pouffy and so thin at the bottom. I've never liked such hairstyle really, its pretty "ah lian" looking in my opinion and now its on me. Sigh I'm really sad, I miss my previous hairstyle a lot even though its thick. I can only tie up my hair when I'm out now cause I really dislike it when I let it down. But its so short on top, I gotta pin them and all which is soooo troublesome. Previously, if I had to tie, I just need 1 rubberband and all my hair is up including my fringe and I can have a few hairstyles: centre parting, braiding, bun etc. Now I can only do a normal tie with needs of pins which still look very messy and that is very depressing. Besides I'm starting school, I've got ugly hair to school now. I have to wait till next year for it to get back to the hairstyle I want. Enough said, I'm really really really sad. I have a fear of haircuts.

23 July 2011

what do you think of me


I have a tendency to always look down.

1 more week left till school reopens. I'm excited but dreading it at the same time.
I'll officially start majoring fashion but then thinking about the amount of work i'll have and the lack of social life and lack of pleasure... You know what i mean. 

20 July 2011

like i'm made of paper

(Grey tank and Shirt from H&M, Pants from American Apparel, thrifted shoes)

I designed this promotional poster for Tracyeinny.
More exciting stuff coming up, looking forward to it!

16 July 2011

in your eyes


Some random visuals took this week. Have a great weekend :) xx

13 July 2011

does anyone sees my effort

My accessories area.


My lunch today. Applaud me because usually I can't be bothered to prepare my meals if my mom doesn't cook. But I was lucky to find ham, cheese, lettuce, cooked nuggets, eggs at home.

And I went to the gym today. Didn't run a lot but I guess its a good start after such a long hiatus. Will go for a run tomorrow morning again if I am able to peel myself off my bed at 730 am.

Screen shot 2011-07-13 at PM 06.48.02

12 July 2011

goodbye railway track

So the track will no longer be of use, I decided to have a walk on the them with my family last Sunday since it was open to public.

Pardon my sister's tummy & my flabby thighs. Time for gym, steam & swim.


Some instagram for an old, nostalgic setting:

It was such a hot day then it rained suddenly then stopped.

PS: This is it. I can't stop instagraming and then post them on this blog. I think I will have them in every post or at least almost all. It makes photographs taken with an Iphone look sooo much nicer, if not it looks so boring and I'm too lazy to photoshop to get the satisfied colour effect.

10 July 2011

shall not expect more

If I got the $$, I would buy the Chanel flats and Balenciaga clutch.

Wearing an old denim jumper with my grandma's blouse and my diy bag.
We just shipped in smaller sized paper bags & my boss asked me to take a picture with it.

Helped to fill up threads in bobbin pins at work.

Can never get over Ikea meatball sauce and baked chicken, unless I tried better ones but still, this is so good :)
And happened to see Sawn, my lecturer and his wife and then Fann Wong while shopping for stuffs.

A diy applique skirt I made yesterday. Pardon the horrible stitchings.

Bought books at Basheer at a steal. Made me happy because many times at Basheer, I can only browse through the books and not able to afford it.