10 August 2016


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Back in Seoul this June! Despite my recent visit to this bustling city just last November (read my post here), I have always wanted to return again, but I was not expecting this revisit to happen this soon. So with my leaves approved, flights and accommodation booked in just less than a month before scooting off, I did the itinerary planning quickly and am very thankful that the trip did come to fruition smoothly albeit many clashes in our schedules.

Seoul is really a one stop for:

Fashion and Beauty shopping. If you haven't already know, this city is filled with beauty and cosmetic stores in every corner. I am amazed at how there are more than 3 of the same exact beauty store in just within myeongdong shopping district.

Food food food. Seriously, as long as you are not broke, you never go hungry. Their cafes are beautifully designed and there are just so much food options everywhere, you will have a hard time deciding what to eat. So like us, we were eating everywhere we went.

Visits to heritage sites and sightseeing. While Seoul is a modern city, you will still find heritage sites like the famous Gyeongbokgung Palace or the Namsan Seoul tower in the heart of the city.

Travelling always go by so quickly, and sometimes in a blur within a short period of time, don't they? In this trip, I got to explore a lot more places than before, mingle with the locals (and so glad to have met them in some ways) in attempt to communicate with bits and pieces of Korean, spot countless advertorial posters and standees of Song Joong Ki, had a finger lickin' good time with Korean fried chicken till late and enjoyed a wonderful time of fellowship with my church friends whom I grew up with since preschool.

I said this before but I will say again, Seoul will always have my heart with its diverse culture, amicable Koreans, beautiful shops, amazing food and shopping. Thank you for being seoul beautiful and heartwarming. I am missing this city already, but till next time again!