05 December 2015


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Ok, first of all, how and where did time go that we're already into the first week of December? Last Christmas still felt recent to me. And just a month ago (and is it a month already?), I was in Korea for my annual leave/vacation with my family to relax and recharge. Fast forward today, I think I'm in need of another round of recharging. But let's face it, we can never get enough rest or holiday isn't it?

Contrary to how I'd usually prep for a travel, I did not read up much on Jeju and went there not really knowing what to expect.

And now that I've been there, I'd say that Jeju might seem a little boring with the lack of "happening" sites or activities but I learnt that it is all about our perspectives. I saw this island as a very serene and calm place, and as you can probably tell from the photographs, it has lots of blues, greens and browns (and reds if you're there during Autumn). The highlight at Jeju was a morning hike at Unesco World Heritage Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak. With a great view and exercise (for me), which had my legs go jelly after the hike, no kid...that shows how long I've put exercise aside in my lifestyle – something I need to seriously reflect on. Being surrounded by a concrete jungle, technology, fashion and a fast paced work life every day in Singapore, Jeju was a timely escape to it, although it was only for a short 36 hours.

15 November 2015


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It took me more than 3 years to finally visit Carpenter and Cook despite living just 10-15 minutes away from this whimsical vintage cafe. With a day off from work on my birthday last month, I decided to drop by to have desserts after lunch.

Their beautiful printed flooring tiles first caught my eyes, then an array of pastries and their well displayed vintage collectives and furnitures around the cafe. While the pastries are a little pricey in my opinion (the lemon tart I had for $6.50 is just slightly larger than my camera lens cap), they are homemade and tastes great, so was their coffee.

Overall, Carpenter and Cook is a lovely place to spend some time at in the West whether you are hanging out with your girlfriends, your other half or alone, enjoy a yummy pastry along with a cuppa coffee.

17 October 2015



I'm one of those checklist freaks when it comes to travel packing. For the fear of missing out on necessities, bringing mismatched clothes, packing too little, packing too much...

With my annual family vacation booked, I can't help but to start preparing a checklist, itinerary and got my itchy fingers busy creating google excel spread sheets to get them planned out. I'm however (or maybe I hope I will be) cool if things do not turn out quite as planned with unexpected change that could be likely to happen.

I'm 3 days away to my birthday and just about 2 more weeks of work till I jet off for a week – forget about work (I hope I'm allowed to) and enjoy the cool Autumn weather. Can't wait!

24 September 2015


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Celebrated Nathaniel's birthday last Sunday over lunch at a black and white cafe, The Refinery. I wasn't quite sure what to expect other than having my heart set on trying the Teriyaki Chicken Don and I can understand why it is one of the signature bowl there with its nicely done eggs and tender chicken. I'd like to try other mains off their Brunch menu like Kong Ba Pau sliders and Gyuniku Donburi on my next visit.

If you're looking for a place to dine between Central-East area, do give Refinery a try!

On a side note, I'd like to confess that I really want to steal their marble table back home...#justsaying. I'm for all things marble.

And with N's birthday, it means my birthday is just exactly a month away. How fast; it felt like yesterday I just celebrated my birthday.

115 King George's Avenue Singapore 208561

19 September 2015


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Particularly in love with COS' AW15 campaign, with a glacial icelandic (my dream travel destination!!) backdrop featuring Sun Fei Fei and quickly put together a simple flatlay with my quartz necklace with the perfect shade of Dior grey nail polish. And dreaming of having a wardrobe filled with COS...#dream

Have a great weekend!

COS magazine, ThreeOneTwoFive quartz necklace, Dior junon nail polish

11 September 2015


My shopping ban of purchasing 12-15 pieces of clothing a year has completely went out of control thus far – of which I find many pieces that do not actually suit me or so unfortunately do not fit me well because of my oversight and impulsiveness.

As we approach the last term of the year, I'm hoping to find new owners to take over these goodies. Cleaning my wardrobe and you'll find item(s) from Calvin Klein, DKNY, Topshop, Asos, H&M, Monki, FeistHeist, vintage and also several brand new items. Shop my wardrobe clean out now.

You'll need a Carousell account to comment or make an offer. If you do not have an account, you may also direct your orders to jojoeylow@gmail.com.

Shop here: carousell @jojoeylow

01 September 2015


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Before this becomes history, I think I'd better quickly get this up on the journal.

I'm pretty sure it's going to be an annual affair for my boyfriend and I since attending Singapore Night Festival for the first time last year. This year I was particularly interested in the Festival Village – well because it involved food, ice cream, music and fairy lights; a combination of these put together will never go wrong right?

Aside from the Festival Village, the Anooki light animation on National Museum was pretty impressive and adorable. Unfortunately, I did not get to visit every museum and exhibits, and missed most of the later performances because a sleep deprived person like me had to catch up on some rest over the weekend. Which exhibits or performances were your favourite?

I hope to see more of these festivals and carnivals in Singapore each year. Till 2016's Night Fest!

29 August 2015


image IMG_7356

I have stopped visiting fleas or even buy anything but Public Garden is sure different from typical fleas — it provides local entrepreneurs, craftsman, designers a platform to sell their works. Here's 2 takeaways from last weekend's Public Garden held at Chijmes in conjunction with Singapore Night Festival.

The Little Drom Store postcard, ThreeOneTwoFive quartz necklace

07 August 2015


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Breaking out of my usual silhouette with this bubble wings blouse. I was hesitant to click the check out button because I tend to play by the safe side with tried and tested outfits, but I still purchased it anyway and since then, I've been wearing it every other week. It has surprisingly became my go to top when I needed something interesting yet effortless for work or a day out. Sometimes the sleeves does get in the way when I eat or work, but it's all right when it can conceal my un-toned arms in the fastest (cheat) way. Kudos to one of my mini fashion breakthrough out of all the tshirts and sweaters I have.

That aside, I've been working longer hours this week and it felt like the longest and most exhausting week ever despite a 4-days work week. Really needed this #SG50 long weekend to give me a little breather in between another long week that is to come, even though I've to work on a Saturday for an event. I'm in need of sleep and a getaway to recharge.

Pomelo blouse, Asos navy culottes, Cambridge Satchel push lock, Zara loafers

31 July 2015


IMG_7167 IMG_7168

Something to drive every Monday's blues away, especially after 2 days leave from work...with these powder blue goodies from Glasgow and London – a sturdy leather satchel and nail paint.

It's a perfect favourite shade of blue, aside from navy blue.

P.S: Can't believe it's August tomorrow.

Cambridge Satchel Push Lock, & Other Stories nail polish

04 July 2015


IMG_6706 IMG_6700

Girly heels, checked.

Here's welcoming my unexpected pair of heels. Really unexpected – leopard, stiletto and pointe. I guess every girl just need a pair of feminine heels. You probably won't see me in this Songe heels as much as my Nike roshe sneakers (am forever a sneakers girl) or sandals (ahem, I've been shamelessly wearing flip flops to work the past 2 weeks). This pointe pair is actually meant for work events and dinners, though it does not happen as often, I know I have a pair ready whenever I need it.

That aside I've received 3 postcards from Nathaniel in 3 cities; Rome, Brussels and Glasgow. Awaiting for your return.

Dior Songe heels, Dior Mag 10, Kenzo flower in the air

15 June 2015

IN MID 2015

IMG_2548 IMG_2650 IMG_2682 IMG_2916

We're in the middle of 2015.

I had no idea how fast time flew by until I started working. Routine lifestyle makes everyday pass by in a blink. Days turned into weeks and turned into a year without us realising and voila it's "Happy New Year!" before you know it.

I had the opportunity to take a breather off work the past 2 weeks with a day off to spend with N at Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum and catch Rachael Yamagata live at Esplanade, a day getaway on a public holiday and 3D2N at Batam for a church retreat a few days ago, which ended with me sick. But it is great to be out of the office once in a while.

For the rest of 2015, I hope I can pace myself better and also feel less uncertain about the "what ifs..." and "what's next?" in life. #trustGOD

17 May 2015



What seems like one of the most beautiful backdrop to have your photos taken – a beautiful juxtaposition of old French architecture and modern glass pyramid. The weather lately has been intensively humid and that inevitably makes me miss that oh so perfect Autumn cool air last October. In the meantime, let's wipe away swear and get hydrated.

Mango white shirt, Topshop black pants, thrifted navy coat, Primark carry-all bag

26 April 2015


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Weekends began yesterday and...pooff! here comes Monday, again. Oh well! As I bid farewell to yet another weekend, these favourites pretty much sum up my week.

Looks like I've jumped on to the CĂ©line Trio bandwagon. While it is a love at first sight, it took me some time to be convinced that this smooth buttery trio is indeed a versatile and beautiful bag that could really fit the essentials. And so, the quest for the perfect small bag is over!

A personalised monogrammed initial on saffiano leather wallet is my essential lunch hour favourite. I believe in things that stand the test of time are worth the investment.

A memorable photo book "Thank You, Mr Lee" that encapsulates the week of mourning in visuals. Definitely a treasure to keep for recollection in the future.

My second attempt at baking apple crumble and I find difficulty in photographing it without making it look like a bowl of soil.

On a side note, I have updated my Carousell account / @jojoeylow with brand new and preloved clothing, accessories and bags. I've lots of things to clear out, many of which really deserve to be better utilised – help them find new home and owners! Click here to be directed.