31 May 2012


I apologise for the lack of posts lately. I have been too caught up with my internship at Zalora.sg, I've been leading a monotonous lifestyle and I can't wait till the time I end it. Meanwhile, you can follow me on Instagram (jojoeylow) for regular mini updates!

22 May 2012


Random top, H&M shirt and shorts, Fleuraw boots, Forever 21 cuff

The only green shaded shirt I have in my closet and I had to purchase this shirt because of its military hue it gives off. Its not a recent purchase, in fact, I believe it was retailing at H&M a really long time ago. I got this at a designer sales last year where they sold preloved clothings. I do not like to conform to trends, reason being I like to dress up in whatever clothing or styles I feel like it. Though the military trend that sparked in different ways after the death of Michael Jackson some time back is technically considered history, I still wear this shirt and it makes me feel somewhat like a militant whenever I don it. You don't have to follow trends to wear what you like. New shoes from Fleuraw, they're gorgeous!

15 May 2012


Thescarletroom jacket, Sugarlips Easter skirt, Egg3 satchel, Vintage shoes

I am extremely grateful to Sugarlips Apparel for sending me this beautiful skirt. I must say, this is one of the most comfortable skirts I've ever worn! Paired with my worn-to-death biker jacket from Thescarletroom gave an edge, I could be both a girly girl and a little tad rocker. This skirt proves versatility, can't wait for the next time I wear this again pairing with something else. Sorry I haven't been at best in updating recently, due to my internship but I had to as soon as possible when I found this skirt in my mail and got so excited to photograph it. Thanks Dad for photographing and once again, Sugarlips for being so kind to send me this skirt all the way from LA! xo