25 August 2011

visual diary x every little thing

#2 I've been doing weaving and embroidery for textiles. Its kinda fun but really tideous and takes a lot of patience to do.

#3,4  I sew the black dress from scratch. Bad stitchings everywhere but I still wore it out..

#6  Japanese ramen from IMM's kopitiam which tastes pretty good, well at least to my liking.

#7  One of my outfit I wore to school last week. Wearing gonelikemagic black maxi dress, thrifted shoes, New Look socks, thrifted leopard cardigan.

#9  Scored 3 pieces of outerwears from Club21 bazaar last Sunday with Arella, so happy with our buys!

#10  Pink sauce @ 15 minutes.

#12,13,14  I'm still addicted to Instagram & just found a new love called Leme Cam. Gonna two time with this two apps now!

#15  Dinner with my family at Seoul Garden.

#16  Took this just now, as you can see they're the above photos.

#17  Had to wear 60s/70s to school, prior to what we're currently studying - fashion history. I chose the 60s Mod look. Think The Beatles, Twiggy, Jane Fonda (I know I don't look a bit like them). Wearing Zara mod dress, thrifted vintage shoes, chromaki faux fur bag. The Zara dress is another good buy :)

PS: Sorry for taking outfit pictures in this lift with that silver bar all the time. I'm too shy to ask friends to photograph me, I don't have a nice background at home to shoot in front of a tripod... Bear with such photos for the time.

Have a great weekend & advance Hari Raya Puasa! As usual it'll be a "complete assignments" weekend.

20 August 2011

acne resort rtw 2012

Love this collection by Acne.
A good balance of minimalism and a little texture to some of the garment. If only I had the money, I would have gotten a few pieces. Picture 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 are some of my favourites which is almost the entire collection. Images courtesy from various sites I googled.

16 August 2011



Some "yellow" themed photographs taken for school. Its 1230am and I'm already feeling very sleepy, going to have my sleep now. I wonder how I can take it when more work pile up to the point I can't sleep at all. Oh well, maybe I will feel get used to it better then, since I'm still slightly in the transition between holiday to school.

10 August 2011


Church buddies.

Happy 46th Singapore! Not a patriotic person nor a "complainer" but I'm thankful to be a Singaporean. To be in this safe and blessed country, its something worth being grateful for. Though honestly I really dislike the weather, its too hot & certain issues we're facing as citizens.. Anyway, I'm having another day off from school tmr cause its founder's day so I'll be running errands to buy school materials for my textiles module. I hear money flying away again, well, what's new.

07 August 2011

tracyeinny x mbs cold rock shoot

Helped to style and assist a shoot with Tracyeinny for cold rock 2 weeks back at Marina Bay Sands. The boss made us waffles and ice cream, it taste really good, not any typical ice cream. Its a little pricey but worth giving it a try, pamper your tastebuds once it awhile, its great!

06 August 2011

visual diary x first week of august

Wearing grey asymmetrical dress from iloveanything, leather bag from egg3, thrifted shoes

A lot of visuals on food throughout the week till the point my mom thinks I'm crazy. School has been all right so far, have got research, readings and materials buying to do. I'm thankful to have a pretty good timetable, 4 days per week of school and I end school latest at 7. Whereas some of my other friends end classes at 930pm or having 5 days of school straight. On a side note, I'm still disliking my hair but its much better than how it was on the first day. I was on the verge of going for hair extension or getting a wig.. Hoping my hair would grow faster for the time! Anyway, have a great weekend! I'm spending my Saturday at home to finish up my work. Sunday going to church and family time xx.