18 February 2016


IMG_9030 Curious Palette IMG_9032 IMG_9039

Amidst all the cafes springing up in all corners of Singapore, Curious Palette is one of my new favourite. Apart from its undeniably beautiful (and my dream kind of) interior of greens, white, grey and cute lights, they've got an extensive and value for money menu. I love how they steered away from the usual eggs benedict's and typical breakfast set, instead they've got this too-pretty-to-be-eaten berry ricotta hotcake and a relatively good selection of coffees as well.

If you've been following Facebook or Instagram with #saveastranger a few months back, you might have heard that their head chef is battling with cancer and needed to raise funds for his treatment. The supportive Curious team decided to work on their off-day, every Tuesday, in order to raise sufficient funds while sustain their business and I was glad to support them in what little way I could for a stranger. It is my prayer that Chef Sebastian will recover in no time through the treatment and support from many other strangers.

This cafe tucked along Prinsep Street evokes a sense of slowness and I like that, because working in a fast paced society in Singapore has made me stopped to pause, to take things slowly and to be patient. And as I type this on my MC day (because I'm down with a flu for more than a week), I'm appreciating the slow life a lot more. Because I finally have the day to rest at home, it allowed me some time to update the journal while recuperate before I head back to work hopefully all recovered by then.