25 February 2013


IMG_8831 eerie
topshop tshirt and jeans/ h&m shirt/ margiela x h&m clasp

Last week saw myself as a busy bee in school. Thankfully, this week calls for a slight breather despite an immense pile of work behind me (which I do not want to think about at the moment). I took a trip down to the National museum for research and found a corner with red filtered lights causing jarring, grainy and dark photos as such and I think it made me look a little eerie..but I think its something kinda unique? Like how my legs get blended into the background.

11 February 2013


On the second day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, I put myself back in black (shirt is bought by my mom for me) and my usual minimal accessories. I am not superstitious so wearing black is perfectly fine to me on CNYs. Last year, I wore monochrome, you can view it here.

04 February 2013


1. Giving out Christmas cards in church last year like I'm giving out my wedding invitation. 2. Last day in Yunnan, elated to return back to sunny Singapore. 3. "BETWEEN" exhibition in school by a group of Koreans.

4. "Disappearing Moon" fine art exhibition, also in school. 5. Legendary Songfa Bak Kut Teh everyone should try. 6. My friend Lesley's furoshiki shiki wallet with my DIY version.

7. Artificial flowers do look good in a certain light. 8. Class exhibition on my "life", chose to present on a box of letters I've collected over the years, words that meant so much to me. 9. Finally tried 320 degree below nitro ice cream, it really does make me feel like having more ice cream because its scientifically "healthier".

01 February 2013



topshop delicate knitwear / h&m shorts / h&m boots / yak leather satchel

It's February and it's Friday today. (These are the words I can think of right now)