15 November 2015


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It took me more than 3 years to finally visit Carpenter and Cook despite living just 10-15 minutes away from this whimsical vintage cafe. With a day off from work on my birthday last month, I decided to drop by to have desserts after lunch.

Their beautiful printed flooring tiles first caught my eyes, then an array of pastries and their well displayed vintage collectives and furnitures around the cafe. While the pastries are a little pricey in my opinion (the lemon tart I had for $6.50 is just slightly larger than my camera lens cap), they are homemade and tastes great, so was their coffee.

Overall, Carpenter and Cook is a lovely place to spend some time at in the West whether you are hanging out with your girlfriends, your other half or alone, enjoy a yummy pastry along with a cuppa coffee.