28 November 2012


weddingdress3On my birthday last month, apart from the Italian food I had if you remembered, I visited The Weddings Dress, exhibiting gowns from across two centuries ago flew in from London's V&A museum. I'm one who wants to get married in my mid twenties and have kids one day. Since young, I tend to picture how I want my wedding to be, the gown...But I'll let God to guide me till that day comes.

Thought I'd get some kind of inspiration from the exhibition for my future gown but it was more of an eye opener for me – my first time seeing a 60s mod & winter wedding gown. My usual style may gravitate towards minimalism, I'd like to have intricate details on my gown. Not sure what I really want yet, I still have years till its time for me to look for my gown but I like something Givenchy haute couture fall 2011 minus the revealing design.

27 November 2012


margielaFor the first time in my life I've won something like a lucky draw, in this case, a giveaway. Few weeks back, VULTURE opened a giveaway by sharing and liking a photo of Margiela x H&M clasp bracelet, which I did and eventually won this giveaway. Though this bracelet is a little loose for my wrist, it is an extremely unique piece of accessory. A few of my church friends, got a little fooled by it, asking me for the time and then realising it isn't a watch.

The tote bag that came along with it was another simple yet interesting creation and definitely very "Margiela" with its white stitch over white fabric, his signature numerical and deconstruction style (raw fray ends at the handle). My Mom thinks its awful but I think otherwise. I know its a beauty, its the ugly pretty in the world of Maison Martin Margiela. Despite it going mainstream with the collaboration and it being archives from past collections, for a student like me with an average allowance and not having to queue overnight outside the H&M store, it is an honour to win something Margiela, as the MMM legacy continues.

23 November 2012


Friday has become one of my favourite day of the week. Simply because its the end of weekdays. I'm looking forward to it every week, especially now that I am in the work force till January. On a side note, being a part of The Rake allowed me to extend my appreciation for prim and proper and masculine-feminine rakish wear for women as we anticipate the birth of Mrs Rake. I'm thinking of ways I can pull myself off in masculine-like wear but still look feminine.

22 November 2012


(i) Internship at The Rake (ii) Lunch break (iii) School's project: Supplement for Topshop SS13
(iv) MMM x H&M bracelet (v) Breakfast prepared by my beloved grandma.

Another rat-race has just begun. Just when I end a semester in school, I've just started my internship at The Rake. 6 days into internship has been all right so far, but still trying to get used to the working life – Waking up at 7 in the morning, squeezing with everyone on the public transport and craving for sleep. I'll be used to it soon and enjoy my internship.

Truth to be told, school has made me seriously financially crippled. I really need some help, would appreciate your support here. I'll be updating with more items starting next week. Thank you!

11 November 2012



Its the last week, the last lap of this school semester for me. My life now at this stage is basically all about printing images, journalism, doing up a creative process journal, lots of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign usage everyday, working across a few projects. I'm thankful I've submitted my 2500 words essay last week to ease my mind off something. Somehow I can't wait for my China trip next month to take a breather off school and internship, which is officially starting soon. For now, back on photoshopping!

05 November 2012


A simple and sweet way to spend my 19th birthday. Coincidental Italian lunch and dinner with my love ones. The delicate knit is so beautiful, I know I will wear it for a long long time and this adorable is now my companion when I sleep and do my work at home. Finally bought new shoes, considering to remove those chains, they're redundant. (Thank you for the gifts!) The best way to spend a birthday is simply with your love ones, nothing beats that.

02 November 2012


Not that sure of Margiela's current approach on going mainstream by collaborating with H&M but the prices are definitely at a more affordable range. I particularly like the white circle shirt, long black skirt, transparent belt, chunky necklace and perspex heels. However, its still not within my affordability hence I'd only view them on the H&M racks on November 15th or should I just invest in them? Hmm, maybe not.