30 June 2012


trench coat THRIFTED

Finally ended my internship, will be back on track to accomplish what I've pre-planned a long time ago for the holiday which I have yet to do so. I smell the scent of an actual freedom and relaxation only now after two months into my school break.

23 June 2012


Genting Highlands visual update: Eating non-stop, taking rides at the outdoor theme park, taking photographs solely with a zoom lens, reminiscing the fun memories I had when I was a kid. Possibly the best part of the trip - escaping the Singapore's blazing weather.

17 June 2012


Returned from a short three days trip to Genting Highlands with my family and relatives. Had a great time catching up with one another in my family despite me being clumsy and dropped my camera lens right on the ground, resulting in several cracks...waiting to bring it for repair or perhaps purchase a new lens.

10 June 2012


The Scarletroom jacket, Maxi skirt from Hong Kong

Yet another black outfit together with my biker jacket from thescarletroom. It was a pre-planned colour coded theme with my colleagues. Shot between boxes and boxes of apparels and products which are what we face with all the time at work and eventually I found it a rather interesting and memorable sight. Thank you Shan who so willingly help me photographed!

04 June 2012


Taobao shirt, Mom's vest, American Apparel pants, Fleuraw boots, Monki clutch

Resuming the all black outfit once again because black is just so special. "When in doubt, wear black" is such a true saying, in my opinion. I woke up on a Sunday morning without ample time for me to get ready for church, rummaged through my wardrobe and decided on black, yet again. I've talked about wearing black here previously, where I wore all black on a Sunday. There're endless ways to experiment black into a full black ensemble. My virgin black hair somehow complements the black outfit as well, would have been slightly odd if my hair were brown...Speaking of hair, its time for me to do some trimming, nothing too vast, but its pretty boring, considering the fact that I have this hair style since seven years ago.