30 April 2011

welcoming may

One of my mixed media illustration tryout. But my garment looks very different in real life actually.


Wishing my sister the best for her mid year exams. Ok I know I have grammar mistake there, *...& mommy & I have...  Wasn't in the proper mind when I wrote that at 5 plus just to mini surprise her before she wakes up.

Last term's drawing exercise. All done with different types of rulers, no brushes. Different mediums applied on ruler then paper.


Done with different rulers too.

Finals for drawing. A0 painting done in 12 hours plus.

Prince William & Kate Middleton, 29 April 2011

29 April 2011 marks a significant day in the royal history of the United Kingdom. Prince William and Kate Middleton's royal wedding.

I love her McQueen dress though of course some people dislike it or prefer other wedding gown designs. But I think that it suits Kate a lot because she is now part of the royal family, I doubt she's allowed to wear that exposing but her dress made her still look sexy with lace, which are really pretty. Anyway her dress is inspired by the renaissance fashion period, the lace & cuts are the style of it which complemented Kate. 

Her also very pretty sister, with 2 little cute girls. Especially the one on the left, I think she's scared of her tiara falling off haha.

She did her own makeup, doesn't need too much makeup but still so pretty. Ok I really think she's very pretty. And that Cartier crown loaned by the queen, gorgeous.

I've always admired Queen Elizabeth II. She's so adorable and looks so cheerful for her grandson's wedding with that yellow outfit.

I was a little angry after I read someone's tweet that Christian wedding ceremonial are boring cause they keep singing and praying. We use music to worship and praise our God and to celebrate such occassion and pray because we thank God for all the things he did and gave us which many times we don't deserve them at all. Show some respect at least...

Walking out of Westminster Abbey as wedded couples.

I missed the carriage part because I was at my grandma's having dinner and not allowed to eat while watching tv. But I'll catch that part at home later, recorded the whole royal wedding. Beauty and Charming haha.

And the kiss. Twice. Look at the girl on the left with that sour expression haha.

Oh and at the start of the wedding with camera on David Beckham and Victoria looking gorgeous. I like her dress and hat and again some people don't like it. Well different opinions. At least her hat isn't as big as some, who I think will block the view of those behind them.

During Queen Elizabeth's wedding, see so pretty and now so adorable :)

During Princess Diana's wedding to Prince Charles. She's another beauty, I admire her kindness and generous self. She will be very happy if she's still around to witness her son's wedding. Her sleeve area are a little too huge I would say but she's so pretty still.

"Over the years William has really looked after me. He’s treated me very well as the great, loving boyfriend he is." - Kate Middleton

27 April 2011

who is my style inspiration and why?

Who is my style inspiration and why?

To be honest I don't have a single person that is my style inspiration. I see fashion visuals everywhere and many things out there inspires me and it starts to define my dressing sense.

Since this question is a 'who', I will mention two of my favourite style inspirers! I love to experiment my dressing in different styles that I feel comfortable in but still keeping it effortless & chic.

: TV presenter, Model, Fashion designer & Contributing editor.

Vintage and edgy. Same person, two different styles. Alexa is someone that tries on different styles but still keeping to what she feels comfortable in and what she likes. What I admire is how gorgeously she still presents who she is no matter what she is channeling in.

: Actress, Model, Fashion designer, Producer & Author.

Chic and minimal. I personally prefer Marykate's style over her twin sister, Ashley Olsen though there are some outfits Ashley wore which inspires me as well, but in general I feel Marykate's more than Ashley's. I am inspired by how Marykate Olsen brought out the beauty of black by pairing black differently. Similarly, 2 different styles but so beautifully dressed. Its so inspiring especially sometimes when I think that black is boring, she proves that it isn't at all! (You can never go wrong with black!)

Here are 2 of my favourite style inspirers. Actually there are many people out there that inspires my dressing too. They can be strangers, my friends, boutique assistants etc! I feel that fashion is not just about wearing whatever that is in trend but able to show who you are through the apparels we put on. I feel that wearing something we feel comfortable in is very important too! For Alexa Chung and Marykate Olsen, I can relate their style a lot to me and their their dressing sense has greatly inspire me and it will always be!

24 April 2011

happy easter

make a gif

Happy Easter everyone!
I love you Jesus.
I want to praise the Lord for something that seem minor but is pretty important for me today. And I learnt to appreciate the nature because the nature is very beautiful and its God's amazing creation. I know I sound holy suddenly but I really wanna thank God for everything :) And I didn't receive easter eggs today cause I left church slightly late and it was all taken haha.

PS: I like Joanne Peh, Rui En and Fann Wong's outfit for Star Awards part II which was held just now. So elegant and gorgeous. Black and leopard, 2 of my favourites.

PS 2: Really glad for awesome friends :) For now, thank you Arella so much for helping me do the catwalk and photo shoot for my project. Can never do it without your help. And Yue Han, my long time brother, who willingly wants to be my assistant for the photo shoot. So thankful for awesome people <3

PS 3: I will post photos during the fashion parade once I collected some other photos from my friends :)

17 April 2011

most, the bridge

MOST ("The Bridge" in Czech)

I want to share with all of you this very touching Czech film. This is just the trailer with some text summary. You can go and check out the full film, about 30 mins. It left me touched and thinking about life. 

13 April 2011


If you're free and have nothing to do tmr...

14 April 2011, Thursday, 530 PM
(that's the opening. Exhibition stretches till 21 April)
LASALLE College of the Arts, Project Space (Block G, level 1)
Staffs & Students collaboration by Faculty of Foundation Studies

I'll be there tmr to help out with videography for the opening haha. That poster is designed by 2 of my classmates, Khai & Fabian.

TP's diploma graduate fashion show @ Vivo Amphitheatre.


See the oil... Fats fats fats

Been very busy with my final work. I have to sew a dress with tons of details. And I hand sew everything so far, fingers hurt a lot. 8 more days to the fashion show, submission of my art history journal soon and assessment less than a month, got to work 10x faster.

08 April 2011

Days out

Screen shot 2011-04-07 at PM 11.45.54.png
My 9 years old sister sleeping on my lap, still looking like a baby

Breakfast alone @ 313 before going to the streets to take outfit photos of people for school project. And saw Jo Soh, the amazing woman behind Hansel.


DSCF9126Awesome tom yam curry fish head @ Boon Keng. Superrr shiok.

DSCF9044Taken in 1960 hahaha, I'm joking.


Lunch @ a street in chinatown

Taken in 1980. Am joking again. @Ann Siang. Grey Matter is one of my subjects I take in school.

PS: I updated my selling post, click here!

02 April 2011

grandparents' smile





My very handsome, pretty and adorable grandparents. I miss you grandpa, although you're not here anymore, I can still feel your presence around me. Thank you for everything my lovely grandpops :)

P.S: This is my 100th post after being on this blog for about 16 months. Thank you all for reading <3 xx