24 December 2013


This does not do justice to such a joyous and glorious occasion. Christmas is definitely more than just gift, parties, winter wonderland to me. It is Jesus' birthday and that's why Christmas exists. I'm not really a gift person but I try to prepare simple ones for my loved ones. Last year I designed and wrote cards and expressed how I dislike this occasion being so commercialised (check it up in this post) Wishing all of you a wonderful and blessed Christmas – Happy birthday Jesus!

18 December 2013


IMG_5712Untitled-1I've worn this outfit thrice in a month, but nothing new; I'm a repeat outfit "offender" and I don't see that as an offense. That aside, its mid December and next week is Christmas, its truly my favourite occasion of the year. Despite not going on a winter vacation this time after 7 years of doing so, I'm still thankful to be able to sail and visit Bangkok. Ah yes I'm back safely and will most definitely be doing an update about it soon – stay tuned!

Uniqlo silk shirt, Fleuraw jeans, Zara bag, New Balance shoes

09 December 2013


This visually encapsulated my 4 full days of off shore vacation – non stop eating, taking tons of sea view photographs, trying to get up at 6am to witness the crack of dawn. I also managed to take photos of the food before I devour them (yup, typical Singaporean taking food photos, but its too nice looking not to photograph). That aside, before I even get a chance to shed off some fats from overeating, I'll be heading to Bangkok (finally some authentic thai food!) this week. I pray that I'll be back safely despite the chaotic situation there right now.

08 December 2013


IMG_5909IMG_5910IMG_6392 Breathtaking, just breathtaking. Out of the sight of buildings and cut off ties with the internet was a great way to escape from everyday busy city life. It also allowed me to see the other side of the world God created – sea aligned with the sky – the kind of view N often face as he sails. As much as I already miss Singapore's local food being just a few days away (we eat western every meal and I got sick of it easily), a part of me is constantly thinking about such a spectacular scenery. I'll always be a sea lover at heart.

01 December 2013


Film 01 | October to November 2013

All the common flaws in digital cameras becomes beauty with film photography. As much as I love looking at clean and clear images, its film photographs that will hold my attention longer than glossy visuals. Would be exploring film cameras a lot more if I've a few more bucks once in awhile to buy a film roll and develop it.

Meanwhile, I'm sailing off Singapore's shores for a (super well deserved) vacation with my family. Be back in a few days time!

30 November 2013


IMG_5720 I'm aware the blog is barely updated this month and we're now moving on to a new month. I don't mean to keep this blog stagnant but school for the past few weeks was really tough & rough. My project concept had been challenged and rejected by my lecturers time and again until it was finally approved just a week before my submission, so I crammed 5 weeks worth of experimentations and research into a week. So crazy, but I'm happy my final year project is temporarily over so I can take a breather in December before another round of craziness embarks again. I promise my blog in December will be so much more exciting and alive! x

05 November 2013


                          Been writing a lot for assignments the past few days, so my mind is taking a break from texts today.
                          Some recent Instagram outfit shots to feed this blog for the time being. I've been carrying this bag out daily since
                          I received it. I'm protecting the bag (like a mama) from over loading/stuffing or wear and tear.
                          It is truly my everyday bag, the quest for the great everyday black bag is over! 

01 November 2013


Can you believe that we have reached November? It felt like yesterday when I just countdown from 2012 to 2013 with my church friends and its about to happen again in 2 months time. Here's to start the month, I have put together something new and two love I have rekindled again in a photo.

White t-shirt. If you haven't already realise how essential a white t-shirt is, I'm reinforcing it: It really is. I have been looking for a long lasting white tshirt, (but either there are holes, food stains, became sheer or ran out of shape). This is the first time I bought a men apparel for myself. I didn't intend to, but I know I need a white tshirt and also since I had to use my birthday voucher from Topshop/Topman.

Chanel No. 5. I got this relatively on impulse almost 2 years back at Hong Kong's airport. I switch between this and (Untitled) by Margiela. I usually wear No. 5 if I'm dressed slightly more 'masculine' and (Untitled) if I'm dressed more feminine.

Wayfarers. To me this is the only sunglasses you'll ever need. I've always relied on the wayfarers to block sun glare out of my eyes, and its fortunate to have followed me on all my travels since I got this from my dad 4 years back. It is indeed as versatile as a white t-shirt.

Now it's time to return to complete my thesis research proposal.

29 October 2013


This was a dress I got quite awhile ago, but only wore it out recently. Originally it had a thick elastic band around the waist, which didn't suit me at all but you know, being blinded by the price tag, I eventually made the purchase (it was about 70% cheaper from its retailing price that's kinda why).

After keeping it close to 4 months, I have decided to work my fingers a little to 'edit' it – open the flap inside and removed the elastic band where it was hidden and tada! Albeit shapeless but its now a really comfortable dress which suits me more than cinching my waist. Can't imagine how much longer it might have to hibernate in my wardrobe if I didn't do anything about it.

Thank you N for this bag as a birthday gift. It's not just a bag but an everyday, everywhere bag. Received it at a perfect time since both my previous black bags from Taobao had torn with only a few months of usage. I can't be more thankful, not just for the gifts but really for the effort and sincerity, xx.

G.V.G.V x Uniqlo dress, Zara bag, New Balance shoes

24 October 2013


D1000011 copyD1000024D1000030D1000026D1000018D1000020D1000028D1000003D1000017D1000022
This is the result of my third attempt making the pinhole camera (an analog handmade camera) which I had to do for a school assignment + experiment. It was a love-hate relationship. I got so fed up on my first try, because it turned out to be entirely blank – wasted a roll of film. On my second try I finally saw some very faint but also over exposed imagery. Thankfully I am quite pleased with my third experiment.

I have always love the raw aesthetics of film photographs. The anticipation of waiting to see the outcome of film photos is something entirely lost in the age of instant digital photography because we're too accustomed to review the image right after we capture the shot and we have the privilege to take a thousand shots because we can delete them if it looks bad. Despite this form of 'older' photography being quite costly and having to experience that rather impatient wait after every shot, each image will always appear different and because this is now lost amongst us, analog photographs become really precious to me.

21 October 2013


Yesterday on 20th October, I turned 20. Everything is pretty much the same, except my weight gain after binging on too much food. It's detox, go green and exercise from now on. Once again, I am extremely grateful for all the well wishes and encouragements I've received from friends in my walk of life. Plus treasured time I got to spend with my loved ones. Lastly I give thanks and all glory to God my creator for my breath of life. I'm truly blessed, I can't be more thankful!

Check my instagram hashtag #20on20thoct for some visuals from my birthday.

17 October 2013


An effortless look for a weekend brunch. My mom had this white shirt for years but its the first time I ever thought of wearing it out. Figured that I've got "nothing" to wear, peeked into her wardrobe and then borrowed it (with her consent). I know it isn't that evident in these images but I thought the bell sleeves were quite cute to some extent.

Speaking of white shirt, I've been meaning to get a clean white shirt in silk or polyester. One that doesn't crumple easily, yet smart casual, minimal and most definitely it has to be comfortable and suitable for the sunny days. It's on my list of essentials now, so I can wear that all the time and not need to buy other fanciful tops. A reminder to be patient while hunting for the perfect one, good things are worth the wait right?

Mom's bell sleeved blouse, Topshop jeans, Egg3 bag, Mom's espadrille