25 January 2013


diy skirtIMG_8452wallet

(i) Leather wrap skirt with velcro which I might wear in the upcoming Chinese New Year
(ii) Transparent adhesive Furoshiki shiki wallet which turns out blueish (added papers to avoid showing what valuables I have)

Two items I made while being on the verge of buying the actual item. I'm glad I have the patience to do DIY despite many failures, the motivation to me is "why buy it if you can make it?" and it is indeed accomplishing after completing it.

24 January 2013



I have stopped purchasing magazines in a while because in today's age, we can view editorial spreads online or read them from libraries. Yesterday, I scored two of TANK's past issues from a mini book fair in school. Like many designers, I do have such a fetish for nice typography, layouts and paper used. I guess, sometimes its really better to have a physical copy of the magazine, its just different.

See the transparent roll of on the magazine? I made a new DIY out of it, its seen on other blogs or websites but I'm quite thrilled of its outcome.

19 January 2013


IMG_7512 copyIMG_6608IMG_6637IMG_7027VD1IMG_7157IMG_7165VD4IMG_7786IMG_7338VD7IMG_7416IMG_7886VD12IMG_7950IMG_7981
These sums up my vacation to Yunnan in December. Despite the weather which was much colder than expected, it was a trip that really caught me in awe at the spectacular scenery, something which I don't often get to see and experience such weather in Singapore. I've been in a cave, get close to a young yi zu girl, conquered shika snow mountain and tried donkey meat. Hope you enjoy the visuals I shot (and the ones my dad shot me), my idea as I photograph during this trip was to capture the essence of China or more specifically, the state I went. It is time to 'clean' up the blog to a more basic space.

15 January 2013


Thought I'd share inspiration moodboards I did for branding of myself, you can see what I like and what caught my attention; it pretty much encapsulates my visual and style interest. Some feels such aesthetic equates monotonous – too plain, too dull – but I like how sleek and beautiful simple things can be; inner beauty which I always agree.

11 January 2013


IMG_7958 copyIMG_79573
s.p.a.o sweater / topshop skirt / urban outfitters tights / dr. martens

Ten, eleven days into the new year, how has it been? I shall describe slightly what I'm wearing in this outfit upon realisation that the photographs aren't clear – The coat I've been wearing throughout the whole trip at Yunnan, a men sweater borrowed from a friend, black skirt and tights. These words for now, as I dive back into project research.

10 January 2013


Pretty quite sure my heart skipped a beat the moment I viewed Céline's Pre-Fall '13. The leather accompanied with strong pleats and silhouette (oh my, and the last two pairs of shoes), they go together so perfectly. Phoebe Philo's précis for this collection – "Dressing up in a romantic, traditional way." I see it, such a sweet marriage of edge and classic tailoring. Looking forward to their Fall/Winter collection really soon. View the rest of the collection here.

07 January 2013


vintage blazer / black seam dress / margiela x h&m bracelet / pure silver sleek braclet

Its back to school. The thought of the immense workload and sleepless nights is ghastly. Despite that, I still look forward to creating new works and my long school break after this semester, keeping that as my motivation. On a side note, check shoptherosebreaker
 which I have updated over the past week, main purpose is clearing my wardrobe so nothing over $30!

05 January 2013


IMG_8360 IMG_8370
What an unexpected and lovely Christmas gift I got. I briefly mentioned once about wanting to try this scent by Margiela, but didn't expect to have it so soon, and right now I'm wearing it. This scent accompanies a unique connotation, as the smell transits; it smells a little odd when freshly sprayed but awhile later, turns into a never-smelt-before scent, what a Margiela way of creativity. This transition has a deep meaning in me, in my lifetime. Thank you my sweet friend for surprising me, yet again, for this special gift (I'm still very touched and surprised).

03 January 2013


IMG_6845 2
Blazer ZARA
Cap H&M Mens

Three of my favourite colours in this emsemble (black and white are not colours). I don't know how to describe this outfit. It looks a bit of an equestrian, perhaps without the blazer and not that shoe. Got this cap from H&M Mens department, intentionally bought it to style for a school's photoshoot but ended up keeping it for myself after, though I know I rarely wear hats, caps, anything for the head. I guess that just depends on my mood, and most of the time I just don't feel like wearing them.

01 January 2013


IMG_4088 IMG_7015 IMG_9216 copy IMG_3614 IMG_9882 IMG_2155 IMG_2327 IMG_3654 1 IMG_0483 IMG_1991 Screen shot 2013-01-01 at PM 09.49.52 IMG_2681 prep IMG_4144 IMG_6338 2 1 IMG_8287 2012 // Visuals taken

Another year gone by. I enjoyed my countdown to the new year with my closest friends in church reflecting and bonding with one another. I don't see the need to attend big events or parties to enjoy this occasion (I dislike crowds to begin with). Resolutions? Checked.

To encapsulate 2012; like every other blessed year to me. Challenges, ups and downs are inevitable but I'm contented and thankful for the blessings God has abundantly blessed me with. I've learnt several valuable lessons and matured more and I embrace 2013 with a hope; knowing that God has a great purpose for me in my life. God bless! Here's a cliche wish: Happy New Year!