30 September 2013


Last Saturday saw me on a mini getaway to the States..or was it Japan?

I kid. Decided to take a little break from brainstorming my thesis and had brunch at the old turf city that had very much now looked both like America and Japan after its major revamp. I loved how the market and cafeterias are fused together with a beautiful interior, offering the freshest raw food and amazing gastronomy. In addition, it was such an eye opener to see how they cooked Spanish paella. Coming back for more in October before my birthday!

27 September 2013


Jeans, shirts and occasionally dresses are pretty much how I'm usually dressed on a daily basis. My days lately (and for the next 2 months) consist of school, tons of readings and research, running errands and dinner dates on certain days. In effort not looking too dressed down being in jeans and non to-die-for shoes, I would opt for a shirt with some details or throw a jacket over, in this case it's this vintage shirt I blogged about in my previous post. Think I might need some neck jewelries? But here's how I get through busy, lazy and tiring days.

Vintage shirt, Topshop jeans, Margiela for H&M bracelet, Vintage shoes / DIY bag

23 September 2013


You know you've found treasure when chancing upon that vintage piece. There's a love-hate relationship between vintage and I. As much as I appreciate the beauty of old things in clothing the prints and silhouette are quite granny styled, which doesn't suit my style.

Fortunately, I found love in this new acquisition which doesn't appear that old-looking. Kept simple, made comfortable and suitable for Singapore's perpetuate scorching summer. Still on a shopping ban, but when you get your hands on such perfect vintage, the ban becomes an exception without a doubt.

15 September 2013


Cotton On white tee / DKNY outerwear / Fleuraw jeans / Margiela for H&M clasp bracelet

School had taken my life away, literally. Nevertheless I'm also a little excited for the rest of school, because we got to choose our own workspace in the studio as graduating students. Mine has a white wall with window view and a silver shelf beside the desk. Hoping to share the journey of my final year and the workspace here as and when I can!

02 September 2013


Thrifted dress / Thescarletroom jacket / bag from Hong Kong / Vintage shoes / Omega rose gold watch

This jacket does magic. Nevermind what I wore underneath the outerwear, its really a dress that looks like pajamas but once this jacket is put over, it immediately builds up the outfit while keeping other accessories minimal. A way I can somewhat get through school dressing down but without really looking too dressed down.

Whenever its September, somehow this line sings into my head "wake me up till September ends". Right now, I do kind of wish that to happen as I battle through a very tough project as well as research for my thesis topic. But honestly no, its the birthday month of my love ones and I want to be with them to celebrate.