30 March 2011

biennale 2011 x 8q





Films by Tan Pin Pin. The couch was so comfortable, the room was dark, the aircon was cooling. Almost fell asleep.


This artist started collecting a variety of newspapers since he was in JC. Newspaper of different time, countries, language, content, colour etc. There's more behind that flap of wall.






Will visit other biennale locations when I have the time.

Arella so skinny

I saw the rainbow....
A few years back there was a rainbow at the exact location outside my room too. Its just so beautiful and it always reminds me of God's promise found in Genesis.

22 March 2011

give thanks

Hello everyone, I got back my results for last term and I must say I am happy with it though 1) its not fantastic, but I improved a lot based on my no-arts background standards and 2) I feel I don't really deserve such grade.

What I am surprised about is my essay and overall assessment because I really felt I lacked in something in my works. Anyway its over, I'm just really thankful for God's guidance, family and friends' encouragements and advice. All the sleepless nights, lack of hydration, lack of social life, tears, money, and effort is worth it. (I spent like $300 from Jan to mid Mar for school materials and printing o.o)

15 March 2011

using light to see the world in black and white

Reflected images of the same shot in positive and negative

shots all over the school

final print

My photo prints from photography workshop I did in August last year. Made our own pinhole camera, use a SLR and the enlarger to capture our images by using just light. Then use the chemical to wash our photographs in the dark room and counting seconds manually when washing the photos because it was too dark to see the clock. It was an unforgettable experience and a really fun one. 

12 March 2011

baby you're a firework

Overrrrdued photos of chinese new year. Have been really busy and now that I'm done with assessment, I get a few days break before I start specialism, I'll blog slightly more. Oh and when I start specialism I won't be having a 5-days school week so that's great though the amount of workload will still be the same.

family // cny day 1



cousin's dog, happy

cousins, twins, Aaron & Tiffany 

New born nephew, Joshua, really adorable :)





Took a break from work and went down to play with fire crackers.

Had my piano grade 8 exam just now. I don't think I did well. I totally made up my own tunes for the singing part and played quite a number of wrong notes. Well, dear examiner, I just ask for a pass so I don't have to go through all the pain of 2 years of lesson, all the money spent and taking the same exam again just for a grade 8. After the exam, I went to watch Rango with mom and sis.

10 March 2011

lasalle open house 2011

Here are some of the works I took from the exhibitions during my school's open house in January this year.

Fashion textiles/ Fashion communication





Design communication

Paintings by students from foundation faculty. Our last sem's final painting. I really like this work. Mine was farrrr from that haaha.

Alice in wonderland inspired

And remember we were suppose to bring our final 3D structure during our open house? And this is what happens after the open house.....

People just dumped their structures! The bin with these structures look like an installation itself haha. Well I still kept mine, can't bear to throw it away. All my effort and time put in. 

08 March 2011

A few weeks back in school, Denissa and I concidentally wore the exact same top to school and so we decided to take pictures together haha.

DSCF8323 copy


Oh yes our eyebags.

DSCF8326 copy

I pretty like this effect ever since I used this for my project.

Tomorrow is assessment! Worked really really hard from friday till monday. Slept very little, worked continuously... Am almost done with my work! All finals done, left some writings to do in my sketchbook :)