20 May 2011

adrenaline rush

(Maxi dress from gonelikemagic, Faux fur bag from Chromaki, thrifted shoes, rings from Topshop & f21)

2008 December, Beijing's Olympic bird nest's field

My mom used my sis's undies and wrapped around 2 elmos.

Have been craving for the meatballs and sauce but I guess my Tuesday are more or less going to be busy now :<

I'll be working at Tracyeinny store starting Monday. Wanted to look for an intern at a Fashion company but its so difficult to look for one cause they require either a Diploma/ 1 year working experience in the fashion industry, which I have none. So I'll just work as a sales assistant and stylist this holiday. Come visit me anyday from Mon to Fri next week!

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