11 June 2011

Heart is so jet lagged

2 new pair of shoes & 2 tops I got this week.

Old photos
Cousin Valerie & I on vacation. I have no idea what kind of pose is that for haha.

First and last time being someone's flower girl at my church.

I wished I still had that pants, tshirt and shoes kept as memories.

I was at KL.
This random boy came towards me, hold my face and gave me a peck on my cheek.
I really want to know who this is, I want to know why he kissed me and know how he looks like now..
This is awkward.

Singapore Discovery Centre with a mascot and Mom & Dad

My cutie sister haha.

I'll be leaving for Desaru tomorrow with my church. Will be back on Wednesday and hopefully able to upload pictures from the trip.

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