11 April 2012

Quirk of Feelings

As much as I am drowning in my assignments and battling through each day in my last week before submissions, I have to share with you this little quirky bag of mine. I got this for 25 yuan (5 sgd) in a tourist spot at Zhang Jia Jie, China almost two years back. I admire the craftmanship, uniqueness and reusage of fabrics made by the locals there. Its amazing for such a price! I rarely carry this bag out because I usually have lots of things to bring out and I was honestly afraid of carrying something too quirky. But since I've braved myself wearing more prints recently and also started loving everything quirky more, I carried this bag out of Easter Sunday. I got several compliments about the bag that day in church and the kids I met loved it. Now I regret not buying more just for some capsule collection.

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