09 September 2012


Images: style.com

Its Nyfw once again and the first show I chose to watch was Alexander Wang and I am amazed by this collection. Alexander played with our eyes by creating this "floating in the air" effect which was such a brilliant idea. I love the sharp, clean lines and silhouette and using mainly black and white, with some metallics. Approaching the end of show, the lights went off and the clothes glowed in the dark, it was a moment that really caught me staring unflinchingly at my laptop in amazement. I just had to screenshot those scenes immediately.


lizlisa707 said...

Thank you so much for the screenshot .. i was so impressed by the consideration for the show's rendering on a camera to people who are not at the show...that was an absolutely accurate and stunning take on light, perspective, and spatial orientation..... I was literally in goosebumps .... wat a formation

Joey Low, Singapore said...

Hi, you're most welcome. So thankful for style.com and youtube! I really love the collection by AWang this season, beautiful.