01 February 2015


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These days I find myself complaining less about the heat in Singapore, but that must have been the fact that I reach the office by 9 in the morning and leave in the evening, occasionally being out for errands in the convenience of a car and skipped out the afternoon heat. This threw me back to London in October with the best weather and you'll not find me ranting about the heat or cold.

This vintage navy coat which I stole at a price of HK30 (5 sgd!!) a year ago in Hong Kong was one of the best buys. It is absolutely versatile, and eventually found myself wearing it on most days in my Europe trip. It will definitely be an essential to be packed in my luggage whenever I travel to a chill weathered place.

Enough said, now I can't wait to travel so I can find a sensible reason to be wearing it.

thrifted navy coat, ASOS white dress, hat from Hong Kong

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