04 July 2015


IMG_6706 IMG_6700

Girly heels, checked.

Here's welcoming my unexpected pair of heels. Really unexpected – leopard, stiletto and pointe. I guess every girl just need a pair of feminine heels. You probably won't see me in this Songe heels as much as my Nike roshe sneakers (am forever a sneakers girl) or sandals (ahem, I've been shamelessly wearing flip flops to work the past 2 weeks). This pointe pair is actually meant for work events and dinners, though it does not happen as often, I know I have a pair ready whenever I need it.

That aside I've received 3 postcards from Nathaniel in 3 cities; Rome, Brussels and Glasgow. Awaiting for your return.

Dior Songe heels, Dior Mag 10, Kenzo flower in the air

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