07 August 2015


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Breaking out of my usual silhouette with this bubble wings blouse. I was hesitant to click the check out button because I tend to play by the safe side with tried and tested outfits, but I still purchased it anyway and since then, I've been wearing it every other week. It has surprisingly became my go to top when I needed something interesting yet effortless for work or a day out. Sometimes the sleeves does get in the way when I eat or work, but it's all right when it can conceal my un-toned arms in the fastest (cheat) way. Kudos to one of my mini fashion breakthrough out of all the tshirts and sweaters I have.

That aside, I've been working longer hours this week and it felt like the longest and most exhausting week ever despite a 4-days work week. Really needed this #SG50 long weekend to give me a little breather in between another long week that is to come, even though I've to work on a Saturday for an event. I'm in need of sleep and a getaway to recharge.

Pomelo blouse, Asos navy culottes, Cambridge Satchel push lock, Zara loafers

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