12 March 2016


IMG_9374 Photo 9-3-16, 2 05 03 PM Photo 8-3-16, 7 29 33 AM Photo 10-3-16, 8 44 13 AM IMG_9364 Photo 9-3-16, 2 06 08 PM Photo 8-3-16, 7 37 04 AM
Photo 10-3-16, 8 54 23 PM

Finding time for myself has been a real struggle for the last several months. Sometimes I'm not even sure if it is my bad time management or I'm really that busy, which makes me so tired everyday, slack off on exercising and procrastinating so badly; that I can't seem to schedule in some quiet time to spend with God and for myself.

It seems almost impossible in Singapore, or maybe Asia in general, to slow down where work takes precedence over almost everything else. While the Europeans or Australians somehow get the memo of slow living; enjoying every quality moment. Today, I finally found time – staying home on a Saturday to catch up on the things I've put off for a while, and just sharing some things from the last couple of weeks: Chalkfarm red velvet cupcake, Uniqlo x Lemaire seersucker blouse, Miss Dior blooming bouquet fragrance, succulents, Vulture issue 15 and a cuppa warm green tea.

Have a lovely weekend! x

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